B&B Update Thursday 11/01/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 11/01/01

By  Matthew

Well it’s Thursday, which means I have 2 updates and a big test before the weekend.  Oh boy.  Here we go.

At the Forrester mansion, we continue where we left off yesterday with Tony, Stephanie, and Sally.  Stephanie says she really wants to get to the bottom of Kristen’s abduction.  Sally says if she means that she has to accept the fact that Eric is responsible.  Stephanie asks them if they saw Eric drive her away.   Sally admits it’s possible Eric hired someone to do it for him.  Stephanie can’t understand why he would do this.  Sally says it’s simple.  When Kristen told him that she had proposed to Tony, he freaked.  He arranged for the car to pick them up at Las Olas and so on and so on.  Sally says they are wasting time talking here.  She speculates that Kristen is at the airport about to get on an airplane headed for Paris.  Both Stephanie and I are like, “Paris? That’s kinda random.”  Sally says that’s how the Forresters usually get out of a sticky situation.  They export someone across the Atlantic.  That remark from Sally cracked me up, because it basically disses that whole idiotic plan to get rid of Brooke.  Stephanie doesn’t like that much, and yells that Kristen isn’t going to Paris.  Tony says that’s right.  She’s going to stay in LA with him.  Another stern look from Stephanie like yesterday ensues.  Tony says nothing will come between them.  Sally agrees and Stephanie says if Kristen has made up her mind then they are both right, but she does not accept their relationship.  Tony says he isn’t going to put her at risk.  Sally interrupts to say they need to stop talking and do something. She pleads with Stephanie to show some support for the couple.  Stephanie says it isn’t any of her business. Sally retorts that Tony is more than a designer to her and she will do anything she can to help him.  Stephanie says she’s just trying to protect her daughter.  Sally says she better figure out with Kristen is or she’s going to call the police.  Stephanie’s like “WTF!  You just told me not to call the police!”  True, but Sally will, because she wants to find Kristen.  She reminds her that the headlines will be very scandalous if word gets out about this.  Stephanie says she’s surround by lunatics and tries to call Eric on his cell phone.  She reaches him and finds out Kristen is there and she’s all right.  As Stephanie talks to Eric, Sally and Tony duck out and head for Forrester Creations.   

Back in Eric’s office, Kristen says the video was overwhelming.  Eric comforts Kristen.  If I were her, I’d tell him to get the hell on.  They really shouldn’t have done that.  Clarke says that we all know about AIDS, but to watch a loved one go through the final stages has to be horrible.  Eric does add that they will be there for Tony as his situation changes and that they won’t turn their back on him.  However, marriage isn’t an option.  She needs to face the reality that she can’t have a family with Tony.  He tells her that what she saw on the tape is what she’ll have to deal with.  Is that what she really wants?  She says she doesn’t want her life to revolve around the disease, but that is their reality.  She says she and Tony have decided to face it together as husband and wife.  Clarke tells her to think about what she’s saying.  She has! In fact, she’s prayed and searched her soul for what to do, and she’s made her decision.  She says that something positive will come out of this, but she doesn’t know what it is yet. 

Tony and Sally rush in as Kristen tries to leave.  Tony and Kristen embrace.  Sally isn’t surprised “Bucky” is there. She tells Eric he ought to be ashamed of himself for scaring everyone like that.  Eric and Tony argue for a while, but pretty much say the same things they’ve been saying for weeks.  He tries again to convince them that what they are doing is right and they’ll see it one day.  The three leave and Eric looks pretty frustrated.  I hope Stephanie gives him hell later. 

Back to the “sorority sleep over” Lisa (one of Bridget’s friends) tells her that she can’t believe Deacon is that sensitive.  Betsey says Deacon’s wild side reminds her of Nicholas Cage.  The girls point out everyone reminds her of Nick Cage.  Bridget says that she was just as surprised as they are about Deacon’s other side.  She says she first thought Deacon was a dark, mysterious guy, but now she feels safe with him and she knows he won’t let anything bad happen to her.  Foreshadowing is such a bitch.  They move on to talk about what it’s like to live with a guy.  We get insulted by saying we never put toilet seats down.  Well, I do my best. Trust me, when you’re outnumbered in a household, you learn fast.  Bridget says the bigger adjustment has been for Brooke.  After all, Bridget was at home one day and then away the next.  Now she’s all alone there, since Thorne left.  She says she must get really lonely. 

Brooke and Deacon are still talking at her house.  She asks him if he’s going to take care of business with Bridget.  He says he will first thing tomorrow.  That isn’t good enough for Brooke who wants it done tonight.  Well he can’t, because she’s up at Big Bear with some friends. Hah! I was right about that location.  Brooke is thrilled to hear that Bridget and all her friends got in the sorority.  She says that that is what Bridget needs to be doing right now. Deacon reminds her that he never stopped her from any of that.  Brooke says that Bridget would always put her marriage first.  Deacon says he guesses they won’t have to worry about that.  Brooke says she’ll be there for Bridget after he ends the marriage.  He says that’s good because she’ll really need someone.  She thanks him for what he’s going to do and then they look at each other really strangely as we roll into the opening sequence.  I don’t know…I just write the recaps.  Deacon says that he still can’t feel good about this.  Brooke says Bridget will bounce back in no time.  Deacon makes a “like mother, like daughter” remark.  I hope not.  Brooke hopes not too, but for a different reason that me.  She wants to spare Bridget the pain she had to endure.  Deacon then says he can’t get out of his head something Brooke said to him. It’s about when she said she didn’t want Bridget to waste the best years of her life.  Brooke said she didn’t mean to insult him.  That’s not what this is about Brooke.  He says he knows the whole family thinks he’s a heartless monster.  Not Brooke; she knows he has a heart and that’s why she’s trying to appeal to it.  He says what he did last spring was so stupid.  Marrying Bridget to get Amber back was stupid.  Brooke says it takes a strong man to admit he’s wrong and suddenly I feel like Deacon and Brooke are getting really close.  Brooke wishes she had that kind of integrity.  Deacon asks her what she’s talking about.  Okay a little background info here; the fire shot behind them is sooo cheesy and a little foreshadowing.  I wonder if something going to happen between them.  She says that she was pursuing a married man with 3 kids.  Deacon is like it’s okay she thought Ridge was in love with her.  Hmmm, whatever. Brooke sounds actually sorry for putting Thorne, Taylor, and the kids in pain.  Deacon comforts her, but Brooke really disses herself.  She says that she got nothing of it except pain. Everyone thinks she’s immoral now.  Deacon doesn’t think she’s immoral, he thinks she’s brave.  Brave because she went after what she wanted.  Why is it on all these shows, that what bravery is defined to be? In the real world, we call that being selfish.  Deacon says he better get going and he and Brooke look at each other with those “gaga” eyes.  Then Brooke hugs him.

Later on Brooke walks out to the balcony adjoining her bedroom.  She watches Deacon light a cigarette from above.  He looks up and sees her and now I’m getting more and more frightened, because they played some slow love like music.  Brooke goes downstairs and sees Deacon still out there.  He asks her if she’s tired. She says no.  He asks her if she wants to have a drink inside.  They go in and have some scotch, bleh.  Brooke isn’t sure about all this.  Deacon says it’s just one drink and that they can toast to Bridget’s freedom.  Brooke spills some scotch down her chin and Deacon goes to wipe it off with his hand and now they are really looking at each other intensely.  Oh no!!!!

Well, I definitely see where the writers are going with this.  I think I need to vomit.  Nah, just kidding, I’m sure it’ll be interesting in the days to come.  See ya tomorrow!