B&B Update Wednesday 10/31/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 10/31/01

 By Matthew

Happy Halloween guys!

Kristen is pretty adamant that whatever is on the tape that Eric and Clarke want her to watch will not change her feelings for Tony.Clarke disagrees and calls her relationship to Tony an infatuation.Ouch.Clarke says she has to snap out of ďLa-LaĒ land, because this ainít no fairytale and Tony isnít her Prince Charming.Kristen disagrees.Again she says the videotape wonít change her feelings.Eric, calmly, asks her to sit down and watch the tape and then make her decision.We all start watching the tape now and itís pretty sad.Actually, thereís nothing pretty about it, itís downright heartbreaking.We see one guy in a bed that doesnít look too bad, but he is sick.Kristen asks what this is.Clarke tells her this is her future.Then we see another guy who looks like someone in a third-world country that is so malnourished, you can see all his ribs and just about all his other bones.The man weíre looking at is in the final stages of AIDS.He apparently is very low on T-Cells and has a big viral load.Clarke lists some infections including pneumonia (If you want to see the other two he listed, check the transcripts.)Kristen asks if this is supposed to scare her.No, but it is supposed to make her realize that if/when Tony gets sicker, (i.e. his drugs stop working), Kristen will be his nurse, not his wife.Also, one lapse in judgment could make all of this her fate as well.We see the sick guy again, oh geez.Kristen tells them to turn it off; sheís seen enough.She tells them they donít need to show her this, because sheís done the research and knows what she is up against.Eric tells her that HIV is something she and Tony cannot overcome.Clarke chimes in to not romanticize things because it could be deadly in the end.Yeah. Yea.Kristen says it isnít any of his business.He tells her he cares for her and couldnít bear to see something happen to her.Kristen says they could have just talked to her.They didnít need to do all this.They said that they tried, but she wouldnít listen.She asks them if they are trying to deprogram her.Hah! Gotta love cults.Again Eric tells her they canít overcome his disease.Thatís the one thing she canít do.He tells her if she breaks off the engagement she can save herself.

At either Big Bear or someoneís house (Iím really bad with some locations), Bridget, Betsey, and their girls (Lisa and Julie) are having a slumber party or something.Theyíre all excited because they all made it in the same sorority.Go Kappa Delts?I think itís a little far-fetched that they ALL made it in.Iíve heard itís a pretty competitive process, but whatever.Apparently, Betsey has a crush on a guy, Keith, in her English class who doesnít go for sorority types.This party is so similar to high school, except for the sorority thing.The girls tease her because heís the ďsophisticated, smart type.Ē Betsey makes a good comeback by saying that the girls they like are pretty low on the evolution scale.Thatís the most realistic thing Iíve seen all week.The probability of being immature during those years is high at college.We find out Keith asked her out, yay for Betsey I guess.Betsey apologized to Bridget for how giddy they are acting about college boys.Bridget doesnít care; she thinks Keith is nice.But Bridget doesnít go for nice guys right? She explains thatís all in Deaconís image, but really heís a nice guy at heart.Dude, they have really changed his character from the ďjerk who crashes a weddingĒ to the ďIím in a tough spot married guy.ĒItís amazing.†† They ask her what itís like being married to him.They note he didnít have much to say at the party.She tells them Deacon is amazing and whatís really cool is that they donít have to talk all the time.When people go on dates, itís usually full of chitchat, to keep things interesting, but they donít need to talk all the time now, because they know each other so well.Bridget refers to her and Deacon as being in sync.I really hate when they use it, it just doesnít sound like most people refer to their spouse like that.Bridget refers to how sweet he acts around his son, Eric.She says heís always going to be her husband.Oh the foreshadowing.The girls all aww over all this.†††

At Brookeís house, she and Deacon are still arguing back and forth and over and over.Brooke says the longer he waits to end the marriage with Bridget, the worse it will be.Well, Deacon doesnít want to hurt her now.Brooke lays into him a little, and then Deacon calls Brooke crazy for forcing him to do all these things like this.She claims to know whatís best for her legally adult daughter. Give me a break Brooke.You donít know whatís best for you.Anyways, Deaconís like ďIím her husband, Iím still in charge.ĒBrooke is like wait a minute I thought we were on the same page.He says he knows Brooke is upset, and he is too, but she doesnít have to live with Bridget and that is what makes divorcing her so hard.He says he canít bring himself to say it to her.He says it may be easy for her, but he just canít do it.After a scene with Bridget professing her love for Deacon in front of the girls, we glazed over to Deacon and Brooke.Brooke tells him she knows itís hard to tell Bridget itís over and sheíd do it if she could.Deacon asks whatís the harm; they get along great.She says that they are just roommates.Well, really, really close roommates.She says they both deserve better.Deacon scoffs that she doesnít give a damn about him, she just wants him out of her daughterís life.At least Brooke is honest about that.He says if he does this Bridget and the rest of the family will hate him.What will happen with his relationship with ďLittle D.Ē aka Eric?Brooke doesnít mention anything about that, but she does say the family will be grateful, because no one supports the marriage anyways.She says he did something terrible and now he can redeem himself.He asks her if it bothers her that Bridget will be majorly hurt.She says of course it will, but this is a no-win situation that HE put them in.I have to say I totally agree with Brooke on this one.Because in fact, Deacon did go after Bridget to use as bait to get Amber and as a revenge tool.Deacon says thatís true, but even after Bridget found out about that, she wanted to stay in the marriage.Brooke says their relationship isnít going anywhere because they arenít in love.Deacon says Bridget is.He says that betraying her devotion like this will mess her up.Brooke agrees, but itíd be better now than a month from now or a year.She asks him to spare her regret of wasting the best years of her life.Well supposedly Iím in the best years of my life right now.If this is the best, oh god, I donít want to see whatís in store for me.Finally Deacon agrees to end the marriage tomorrow.

Well yesterday, I thought Tony was sure Eric was behind the ďabduction.ĒBut now he seems to think that idea is ridiculous and is about to call the police.Sally stops him because she thinks this is an intervention, not a kidnapping.They race out of his beach house.They get over to the Forrester mansion, and start beating on the door.For a second I thought Sally was going to huff and puff and blow the house down.They yell out for them to let them in and they arenít going anywhere until they do let them in.When Stephanie finally does hear them, she races down the stairs.The closed captioning described the knocking as ďfervent.Ē Hah.As Sally and Tony race in looking for Kristen, we see Stephanie is totally clueless about the whole plan.Then sheís alarmed when she thinks Kristen has been kidnapped.She tells them she hasnít seen Kristen.Sally is not buying into this whole act.Sally says she would do anything to keep Kristen and Tony apart, but it wonít work, because nothing will keep him and his fiancť apart.The fiancť part is news to Stephanie who looks pretty shocked.Sally explains what happened over the whole evening, including the limo incident.Stephanie freaks out and wants to call the police, because Kristen isnít there.Sally begs her to not call the police, because Eric is behind all that.Stephanie thinks that is absurd, because Kristen lives there.If Eric wanted to talk to her he could have just done it there.Tony explains Kristen wasnít coming home tonight; she was staying at his house.Stephanie seems a little taken aback by that, even though her daughter is what, in her 30ís?Maybe?Tony says that there isnít anything Stephanie or Eric can do to stop their engagement.Stephanie gets this ďyou wanna bet look on her face.ĒOh geez, up for a challenge are we?Iím not sure how all this is going to play out, but anyways have a safe and happy Halloween!