B&B Update Tuesday 10/30/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 10/30/01

By Matthew

Hi everybody!Ready for another drama packed half hour?

Brooke is hanging around her house with nothing to do so she calls Deacon to put more pressure on him to dump Bridget.He says he canít leave Bridget and heís not sure he wants to.Brooke says this isnít about what he wants and tries to reason with him.†† She says he owes to Bridget.Okay maybe Iím reading the situation wrong, but isnít this more about what Brooke wants, not Bridget? These parents are either not involved or WAY too involved.Deacon gets off the phone and thinks aloud that maybe Brooke is right.Bridget walks in and asks why he isnít at work.He says he called in sick so he could stay home with her.Bridget really likes that and says she has to call Betsey to cancel her ďsorority girls night outĒ thing she was going to do.Deacon doesnít want her to do that.He knows how important pledging is to her.Bridget says her first and foremost priority is her husband.Deacon says she has to be her first priority.Bridget is so coming on to him until Deacon tells her to stop it.This annoys Bridget who thinks heís been talking to Brooke again.She says he doesnít know the future and all they can go on is the present.Bridget says she is really happy and thinks she will be in the future.Betsey knocks on the door.Bridget says sheís going to have to cancel, to spend time with Deacon.Betsey tells her she wonít be able to rush without going to this.Deacon wonít let her do that, and reluctantly Bridget leaves for the sorority function.Bridget promises to reward Deacon when she gets home, which makes Betsey remark at how lucky Deacon is.Deacon doesnít agree.Then Brooke calls again, to check Deaconís dumping progress.Sheís mad he didnít do anything and is coming over so she could even more crazy pressure on him.Deacon tries to stop her, but to no avail.As Brooke is about to leave, Deacon walks in her house.Hah! That was fast.Brooke tries again to tell Deacon that the marriage is stopping Bridget from finding someone her own age and sorority parties.Deacon says there is more to it than that.He says Bridget has changed him.Deacon says heís going to think about all this before does anything.Brooke doesnít want him to think, because there is nothing to think about. He says that she may not think marriage is important but he does.She says it was a farce to begin with.Brooke makes him promise to ask Bridget for a divorce before he leaves.

At Las Olas, apparently weíre still on the same night we were yesterday; Sally and Massimo are enjoying their date.Las Olas has cooled off a bit, but it still looks interesting.Sally says she canít take total credit for the evening (getting Tony and Kristen together), but says if Massimo wants to think of her as a heroine itís fine by her.Sally says the couple will face some big challenges in their marriage.Massimo is like ďSo? What married couple on this show doesnít?ĒSally says itís more complicated and he shouldnít get involved.He thinks itís just the Forresters that are causing the problem.Slowly, Sally reveals Tony is HIV positive.Sally explains that when Eric finds out about the engagement, an H-bomb will pale in comparison.Massimo canít believe it.Sally explains how Tonyís former girlfriend, Ellen died of AIDS.(Well, she killed herself, so it wasnít directly from it, but whatever).Massimo says he understands Ericís concern.Sally says she does too, but Tony would not put Kristen at risk.She says itís possible for them to passionate without taking risks.She turns it into a come-on by saying they can go back to her place and sheíll show him what she means.She does worry about what Eric will do, but knows the couple can handle it.†††

In the limo, Kristen and Tony are making out some more, while Eric watches in disgust.They pause long enough for Tony to give Kristen an engagement ring that is very nice.(They play the ďpick a hand, any handĒ game, until she finds it.)More kissing ensues and more glares from Eric.Kristen says she canít wait to show everyone, except her dad of course.Newsflash lady, heís the first one to see it.Tony asks her if sheís worried about her dad.She says no, but that she is disappointed he isnít happy for her.Tony says he wants to be there when she tells him, but sheís like no; she knows how to handle her father.HAH!This whole conversation is really pointless because Eric is right there.After some major flirting, Tony says he was going to say no, but Kristen has something about her that is overpowering. They profess love for each other again.More kissing.More glaring.Yay! They get somewhere.Apparently home.Tony being, the gentleman he is says heíll get the door for Kristen.But when he gets out, Eric floors it and the car speeds away, much to Tonyís dismay.Kristen freaks out and asks the driver what he is doing.She demands he pull over at once.Eric reveals himself and tells her to sit back and relax.Kristen is completely shocked.†††

Tony calls Sally from his, well Macyís, house demanding to know what limo company she used.Sallyís like ďhuh?ĒTony wants to know what limo company she had to pick them up earlier.She says it wasnít her that arranged it, but she wish she had now.Tony explains it took off with Kristen in it.Sally rushes over there, apologizing to Massimo as she leaves. Tony is frantically calling all the limo companies.Sally gets there and he tells her exactly what happened.Sally thinks maybe it was a prank.She slowly speculates maybe it was Eric that did all this.Tony is convinced it was Eric now.He looks pretty pissed off and I would be too.

Kristen demands that Eric take her back.He tells her she wonít marry Tony.She keeps screaming at him until he, I guess, brakes heavily and her makes fall off the seat.I guess thatís what you do to shut up someone.Donít worry though, sheís okay. Up in Ericís office, Eric has two guards bring Kristen in as she struggles to get free.They let her go and she demands to call Tony right then.Eric gets an intercom buzz and guess who walks in?None other than Clarke.Kristen wants to know why heís there.Címon Kristen figure it out.Kristen asks her what the hell sheís doing that.Eric asks Clarke if he has what they needed.Clarke does.They make the rent-a-cops leave.Clarke has videotape for Kristen to watch and Eric makes her sit down to watch it.Hmm, I bet itís an AIDS tape.He tells her sheís going to watch it and think carefully about her decision to marry Tony.