B&B Update Monday 10/29/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 10/29/01

By Matthew

Good day everyone.  I just have to give props to my VCR company.  I reminded so many people to turn all their clocks back and I didn’t do it myself.  So while I was in class I realized the VCR was gonna cut on an hour early since I didn’t change it.  Well the damn thing changed itself for me! Hah, I love it. 

All right, my dates got screwed up and Friday’s recap didn’t get posted.  Here it is in short form.  Kristen and Tony meet up at Las Olas and Arturo plays them a really nice song.  However, we don’t find out if Tony is going to say yes or no to Kristen’s marriage proposal.  Clarke is still lurking around the Forrester mansion and tries to convince Eric to take action against Tony and Kristen’s possible nuptials.  Remember Eric didn’t know about the wedding proposal until Clarke told him.  I complained about the writing here too, because everyone sounds like a broken record.  The rest of the Spectra gang is at Las Olas as well, and Sally tricks Massimo into joining her there by pretending to be Stephanie on the phone.  They flirt and flirt.  Rick goes over to the beach house to tell Bridget what’s been going on, but she isn’t there.  Deacon is and they go at it, well mostly Rick.  Amber comes over and semi defends Deacon.  Rick storms out again as Amber cries some more.  All right, now that we’re all caught up here’s Monday’s recap. 

Well, we pick up where we left off with Tony and Kristen.  Kristen tells him to just say yes already.  I’ve been saying that since Friday.  He’s gonna say it…eh on to another scene.  Kristen’s like “Why aren’t you answering me?”  We get more of the “I want to fulfill” you talk, to which Kristen replies that she is fulfilled in every way. Tony says he’s getting the prize and Kristen is settling for below her standards.  She tells him if he says no, to say it for the right reason. (i.e. they don’t belong together)  But to not say no out of fear.  Tony says he is scared for Kristen.  She says life is about more than happiness.  Finally, oh finally, he says yes!    

Back at the Forrester house, Clarke and Eric are still talking about Tony and Kristen.  Eric believes Tony will turn Kristen down, but Clarke disagrees.  He says Tony is vulnerable and Kristen is “throwing herself” at him. Clarke puts some mad pressure on Eric to do something to stop the engagement from happening.  Eric realizes that there is no way Tony would say no.  Eric and Clarke jet out of the house, with Eric saying he’ll explain everything on the way to the car.  Oh great.  

Out by the pool, Morgan and Stephanie are fighting, haha just kidding, Stephanie is reading a book when she is interrupted by a phone call.  It’s Sally calling to gloat or something about how Stephanie is home alone.  She says she has everything she wants, which leads to an important question from Stephanie: “Why the hell are you calling me?” Sally gloats that she is with two of the most attractive men: Arturo Sandoval and Massimo, “Mojo” Marone.  I don’t know if the Mojo is a nickname by Sally or what, but it cracked me up.  Sally goes on and on about how he’s her date for the evening and says he won’t be getting home until real late.  At first I was wondering why Sally felt the need to go on about this, because I didn’t think Stephanie cared.  But after the phone call ended, Stephanie seemed to care a lot about why Massimo was there with Sally.

Just then Amber comes stumbling up sobbing away. Stephanie wants to know what’s wrong.  Amber tells her that Rick is furious with her because of something he saw that he took all wrong.  She slowly reveals that she kissed him, but that it didn’t mean anything.  It was just a goodbye kiss.  Stephanie looks ticked.  She asks her what she should do, because she loves Rick and doesn’t want the marriage to end.  Stephanie tells her to calm down.  Stephanie says if Amber’s telling her the truth then she has nothing to worry about.  Amber is surprised Stephanie doesn’t believe her.  Stephanie asks her why she kissed Deacon and to cut the “goodbye kiss” crap.  Amber says she needed to kiss him to prove that he wasn’t important to her anymore.  Stephanie is skeptical.  Amber says the more she thought about Rick and her family, the less she cared about Deacon.  Stephanie says kissing Deacon was a mistake.  Amber says she just does things without thinking.  Stephanie says she needs to be more responsible.  Amber asks her how she can win Rick’s trust back.  Amber explains that Rick got into a fight with Deacon.  Stephanie says he has a right to be mad at Deacon.  He, like Brooke, just doesn’t know when to quit.  She tells Amber that he may be hurt and disappointed, but he won’t do anything drastic especially since she is carrying his child.  She tells her to give him some time.  Amber isn’t sure he will get over this.  She goes on about how she overcame everything and how she wants to be a good Forrester wife.  Well, the bar isn’t that high Amber. 

Back at Las Olas, Darla checks out this guy that comes by and I’m amused and frightened at the same time.  She asks Sofia if she thinks Tony will tell Kristen he’ll marry her.  Sofia hopes so.  Darla says they are so in love, and in her opinion they could really make it.  Only if they move out of town and aren’t on the show, Darla.  Sofia says it won’t be easy but if anyone can make it, they can.  

Arturo greets Sally and “Mojo” and asks how the lovebirds are doing.  Hah!  Sally thinks he’s talking about Tony and Kristen and says his music is enchanting.  But wait, he was talking about the other lovebirds, Sally and Massimo.  Sally is eating this all up.  She requests him to play a song.

Kristen is overjoyed at Tony saying yes.  Then Sally and the gang, plus Massimo walk up and celebrate with the two.  They both refuse alcohol, say what??  Haha, they are both driving.  Sally is afraid they aren’t drinking because it isn’t good news, but as we all know it is and everyone is now very happy.  Tony and Kristen start to go dancing, when Sally gets everyone’s attention.  She announces that she wants everyone to start shakin’ their bodies to honor Tony and Kristen.  Arturo works magic with the trumpet some more and everyone is dancing fast-like.  Massimo has a flower in his mouth as he dances with Sally.  Even Darla and Sofia have guys to dance with.  Sounds like a real party.  Arturo is really going at it and so is everyone else.  After he’s done, Tony makes an announcement and really praises Kristen for sticking with him threw all this.  They share a romantic kiss and I figure Eric will bust in on all this, but he doesn’t. 

Tony and Kristen walk out and Martin says a car was sent for them.  They think it was Sally who arranged all this.  They start making out in the backseat.  Tony asks the driver if he got the right address.  The driver responds and it’s so obvious it’s Eric, but neither Kristen nor Tony notice.  I mean I could pick out my dad’s voice easily.  But I guess they are just too enthralled with each other to notice.  Eric watches them with this really evil (I’m so disgusted!!) look on his face.  Uh-oh.  This can’t end well.  See ya tomorrow.