B&B Update Thursday 10/25/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 10/25/01

By  Matthew

One more day….

At their house, Amber asks Rick what he’s talking about.  Rick tells her to can the lies.  She tells him he’s acting crazy.  He asks what’s the one thing that would make him insane.  Amber gets this scared look in her eyes.  Rick tells her he knows all about her and Deacon.  Amber is pretty much speechless at this point.  She does say she doesn’t need to lie because nothing is going on between them.  Rick says that’s only true because she ended it with Deacon a few days ago.  Oh what a brave soul.  She tells him to stop it, because all this yelling is bad for the baby.  She tells him she has to be careful because she doesn’t want to lose the child.  He asks her why not. Owwwww! Well she’s more than horrified at that question and asks him how he could talk about their baby like that.  Rick has his doubts about the paternity.  Okay I thought we cleared this up with Thorne.  Amber looks like she needs respiratory assistance because she’s gonna pass out.  She tells him she did not sleep with Deacon.  Rick says that may be true but she wanted to, because she fantasized about him.  I wouldn’t get too wrapped up with that, I mean the mind can do crazy things.  She figures out Ginger spilled the beans.  She can’t believe Ginger would do that.  She says it doesn’t matter because she wouldn’t do it anyway.  They really start going at it and it’s really sad.  She begs him to believe her.  He says like her, he needs someone he can count on too, which isn’t Amber.  Rick walks into the “main” room.  He says he doesn’t know who he’s married to anymore.  She said she didn’t tell him the Deacon stuff because she didn’t think it mattered and she was ashamed.  Rick tells her to shut it, because she’s only making it worse.  Rick jerks away and says Amber is just like her mother.  Ooh, cut down.  He calls her a liar and a tramp and hopes their kids never know how trashy their mom is.  Amber says Rick promised he’d never call her that.  Rick’s like don’t talk to me about promises, bitch.  She says she did the right thing in the end.  Rick says it isn’t enough for him.  She goes into a long explanation about how she had/has a low self esteem and it causes her to mess up things that are going on in her life.  Rick says she needs help.  She says he’s the first person to believe in her and she’s changed because of it.  He says he’s finally realized she isn’t worth his love and she’s just as manipulative as before.  He storms out as she sobs and sobs. 

In Tony’s office, Tony questions a model about a dress she’s trying on.  He asks her how it feels when she dances in it.  She’s like “huh?  We don’t dance when we try clothes on, babe.”  Tony cuts some fast beat music on and starts dancing with her.  Sally walks in and asks what all the noise is.  Tony starts dancing with her.   She loves it.  She asks him why he’s so upbeat.  He tells them that he may be getting married.  Then they start the Spanish talk, ooh how SAP like.  The model prances out and Tony and Sally talk.  While he isn’t engaged, he’s engaged to be engaged.  He asks her if he’s being irresponsible.  Sally says it’s up to Kristen to decide if it’s fair for her to marry him.   He tells her exactly what happened.  Sally is thrilled.   Sofia comes in and says her uncle, who happens to be famous, is in town.  Turns out Arturo Sandoval is her relative.  Sally can’t believe the world famous jazz musician is related to Sofia.  Then he walks in, wow! It really is him.  Everyone is all smiles.  Mentioning a real event, Sally says she loved him in the Hollywood Bowl for the Latino Jazz Festival.  He calls Sally a “Miss” as he introduces himself.  Hah!  Arturo says Tony is brave and has his respect. (The AIDS thing)  Sofia is surprised to hear Tony may be getting married.  Arturo says he wants to meet Kristen.  Sofia then serves everyone some water and Tony tells him Kristen is a big fan.  Arturo says he got into town a day early to spend time with Sofia.  Sofia suggests Arturo play for Tony and Kristen at dinner tonight.  He agrees to do it.  Tony says tonight will be a night Kristen never forgets. 

In the Forrester living room, Clarke is flabbergasted when Kristen tells him she got engaged to Tony, well sort of.  She tells him he said maybe.  Clarke scoffs that Tony doesn’t care about her.  Kristen says he loves her and Clarke tells her she can’t do it.  He won’t let her ruin her life.  She says she gave him the news so he’d realize how serious they are together.  She tells him she and Tony aren’t worrying about what anyone else thinks.  She tells him had better not tell her parents for her.  She spots Stephanie and Eric on the terrace and they hightail it to the foyer.  Clarke says that if Kristen is afraid to tell her parents then that means something bad about the engagement idea.  She just doesn’t want mom and dad to pressure Tony.  He tells her she is clinging to disease and it isn’t pretty.  Kristen says there’s more to Tony than AIDS.  Clarke says Kristen will regret this.  Kristen says she’d regret leaving Tony alone. 

On the Forrester terrace, Stephanie asks Eric if Brooke is really upset about Amber’s pregnancy.  Eric admits he is upset as well.  Stephanie is surprised.  Eric says Rick is still in school and Amber has feelings for Deacon.  Stephanie says she said she doesn’t.  She tells him not to discuss this with Rick.  She tells him it was his idea to have the baby and she doesn’t want anything to spoil it.  Eric says he won’t rain on Rick’s parade.  They share a drink.  Eric says not to blame Brooke for being concerned.  After all, Amber hurt Rick big time a few years ago, well 2 years ago.  Stephanie says Amber has learned from the first time and tells him Amber loves Rick and wouldn’t mess that up.  They start talking about Kristen and Tony.  Eric says she’s been avoiding him. They walk into the living room and somehow don’t see Clarke and Kristen.  Eric says he just can’t bear to think about holding Kristen’s hand as she’s dying and not being able to do anything.  Kristen over hears this and is visibly affected.