B&B Update Wednesday 10/24/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 10/24/01

 By Matthew

Half way to the weekend!

In Brooke’s office, she and Eric are talking about Amber and Rick.  Eric is not thrilled at the news that Amber is pregnant.  He thought there was still a chance that Amber would run off with Deacon and Bridget would be free of that marriage.  The dissolving of relationships is so refreshing.  Brooke said she tried to talk some sense into Deacon.  Eric is skeptical that it worked.  Brooke thinks if Deacon leaves his marriage, so will Amber.  Eh, maybe.  Maybe he won’t have to.  Anyways she says that teenage interest can only hold a man his age for so long.  Eric thinks he’s in the marriage for the money.  Okay didn’t he already have a good deal of money and they’re staying at a beach house that belongs to Taylor.  If he was in it for the money, he’d be milking it majorly or be gone.   Brooke agrees with me that that isn’t the reason he’s still there.  He’s motivated by emotions and doesn’t want to break Bridget’s heart.  But if he sees that the longer he stays with her the worse it’ll hurt her, he’ll end it now.

   At the beach house, Bridget says he’s scaring her (see yesterday’s recap).  He goes on again about holding her back.  She asks him what she’s done to make him feel this way.  He says it isn’t her.  He also relates how much her parents hate him.  This makes her realize what Brooke and his conversation was about.  She says she’s a hypocrite because she and Ridge had nothing in common when they first were together. Her mom is driving her crazy with her interference.  Yeah I’d just let this one ride out.  Deacon says it isn’t just Brooke.  He doesn’t feel good about their marriage.  Bridget is semi-shocked.  She says it isn’t good according to Brooke.  Then she asks him if he wants out of the marriage.  He says no and she tries to convince him that she’s happy. She admits she thought his problem was about him and Amber.  Then she thought it was her (Bridget) that was the problem.  She says they do have something in common, they both think the other is too good for them. Some time lapses and Bridget leaves for school.  Then ol’ Brooke gives Deacon a call with perfect timing.  She wants to know if he ended it.  He tells her that he gave Bridget a way out but she didn’t want it.  Brooke’s like “Duh. You have to end it for her.”  Deacon says he won’t break her heart and Brooke hangs up the phone in disgust. 

Amber still doesn’t have a clue what’s going on.  She thinks Rick doesn’t want her near him because he’s sick and that could be bad for baby Forrester.  She goes in to try her maternity clothes on, a little premature in my opinion.  Then Stephanie stops by.  Rick tries to get rid of her, but just as he does, Amber walks out looking about 7 months more pregnant than 5 minutes ago.  She’s wearing these leather pants and a top that doesn’t look bad, but most pregnant women would run away from.  (Too revealing)  Stephanie apparently didn’t know she was pregnant and starts happy screaming.  She even calls Rick a devil. Hah!  Rick basically is like to hell with this and walks outside.  Again, no one notices.  He knows he can’t get the truth out of Amber, but he knows who will give him the truth. Probably a friend of Amber’s….Meanwhile, Amber and Stephanie talk.  She tells her she’s only a month along, eh not to shabby.  She tells her that Rick was the one who wanted to have the baby.  Amber knows Brooke thinks she did it to trap Rick into the marriage (well it is Brooke’s style).  Stephanie says she knows better. Amber’s glad that this time she won’t have to deal with stress or worry about her relationship like during her first pregnancy with Rick.  Well…maybe.  Stephanie fixes some iced-tea, un-sweet, I bet, damn LA.  Amber tells her Deacon isn’t a problem for her or Rick.  She says if Rick and Stephanie didn’t believe in her she wouldn’t know where she’d be.  She tells her she’s grown up a lot in the past few years and is making much better decisions.  Haven’t we all?  Amber tells her the old her is gone. She tells her that if she can’t figure out what to do she asks herself what Stephanie would do.  If that doesn’t work, she asks herself what Brooke would do and then does the opposite.  Although she tries not to worry about Brooke, she is bothered about how Brooke said her pregnancy was the saddest news she’d ever heard.  Stephanie says to not worry; Brooke has many of her own problems.  As long as Amber and Rick believe in their marriage, they have nothing to fear.  Stephanie recalls when she first met Amber, fresh from Furnace Creek.  Ah how things have changed.  Amber wants Stephanie to be proud of her. She says she is and tells her something she’s told Felicia and Kristen in the past “you’ve had a tough road to hoe.”

Rick goes over to Café Russe.  He finds Ginger, Amber’s friend.  He bluntly asks her what is going on between Amber and Deacon.  Whoosh! Ginger asks him where this is coming from, tells him nothing is going on between them, and then accidentally tells him that she broke it off with him.  She doesn’t want to be in the middle, but Rick reminds her that there are two kids in the middle.  She tells them they never slept together, but Rick doesn’t believe that.  He then asks her about the kiss in the Lair.  She tells him that that was their goodbye kiss and nothing more.  She tells him Deacon was just a crush and not to blow things out of proportion.  Oh, we’re way past that, lady. Rick feels like a clueless husband.  He says his marriage and family are a pack of lies.  She asks him what he is going to do.  He says he’s gonna do the only thing he can do, which didn’t answer her question, but whatever.  He storms out. 

Back at their “house,” Amber is singing a song to herself with the CD player as backup.  I don’t know titles well, so I don’t know what song it is, but Amber sings it well. Rick can hear her outside and I guess it makes him feel even worse.  He goes in and just stands there as she sings to him and hugs him.  He takes it for about as long as he can, then pulls away from her goes to the player and turns it off.  She asks him what is wrong.  He can’t believe she’s asking him that.  She then asks him why he’s so angry.  Amber he’s not angry, (not!), he’s sorry.  He’s sorry he trusted her, married her, and is having a kid with her. Oww!! Burn baby!  I think the fireworks are coming tomorrow, folks.