B&B Update Tuesday 10/23/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 10/23/01

By Matthew

And the week slowly chugs by…

Yesterday afternoon I saw one of those “what happens next?..” promos for B&B and in it, Rick was giving Amber the smack down.  I wonder if we’ll see those fireworks today?

At their beach house, Bridget asks Deacon why he’s being so distant.   She wonders if it has to do with Amber.  He lies and says it doesn’t have anything to do with her and quickly changes the subject to a past experience with Bridget.  Who could forget when she awkwardly snuck into the Lair with a bad fake ID?  “You don’t look like a Janet…” (We under 21’ers don’t all do that)  Deacon wonders if they hadn’t met that night, where she would be now.  Deacon thinks she’d be getting ready for a date with some preppy guy or focusing on school.  They use college phrases like “double-major,” “internship,” and “study abroad” to make it seem more believable.  He says he would have loved to have done that when he was her age in the 80’s.  Bridget says he’s not that old, but Deacon think she shouldn’t have to lose out on all that for him.  I did an internship once, and it’s not all that.  Anyways Deacon doesn’t want her to resent him one day and this whole conversation is turning into a break-up sequence and fast.  She does admit she’s thought about the things she’s not doing, but it doesn’t bother her.  She’s says he is worth all that, which makes him feel worse because he doesn’t deserve her.  She scoffs at that and then “Ringgggg!”  It’s Betsy, Bridget’s beloved friend calling about a question from class.  While she deals with that, Deacon lights up and recalls Brooke’s pleas to let Bridget go.  Bridget finishes and is shocked to see him smoking.  He tells her he has something he needs to tell her.  Both Bridget and I can tell it’s not good news. 

At Café Russe, Stephanie is seated to a table of flowers and is delighted.  She marvels at how Eric always amazes her.  Then Massimo walks up and says hello with the usual charm.  He asks her if she’ll still speak to him after the whole Brooke fiasco.  She says that Ridge owes him a great deal for what he did, because if for nothing else it showed him he needed to pay attention to Taylor.  We learn that Ridge and Taylor are well and that they are in Aspen right now taking a break, I guess.  Stephanie says she can’t invite him to stay because Eric is meeting her.  Apparently, he also sent her a note to meet him there.  (Buzzer) Wrong!  It was Massimo that did all this, silly.  Stephanie seems a little disappointed and says she needs to leave because this is inappropriate.  He tells her that her life could be so different if she had been with him all this time.  Shyea, different kids and everything. She says goodbye and begins to leave when the band plays “As Time Goes by,” apparently an important song.  God, I love closed captioning.  They take to the dance floor and although she is reluctant, Stephanie seems to be enjoying herself.  Just then, Sally spots the two dancing from the bar and is none too pleased.  How sad, she only seems to like men who like Stephanie.  After they finish, Stephanie wants to leave and go home.  Massimo asks who she’s going home to, an unappreciative husband? He asks her when’s the last time Eric has done anything for her.  Sally’s observing this all from a-far.  She looks sick, but knows Stephanie’s defensives will come up.  She even does a little countdown routine and it’s quite amusing.  Stephanie does leave and Sally looks like she’s about to go in and get herself a man! Wow!

In Brooke’s office, Amber asks Brooke if she’s seen Rick.  Brooke said he didn’t come in today because he’s not feeling well.  That’s news to Amber who says she’ll check on him.  Amber asks Brooke if she’s heard about their good news.  Brooke says she knows Amber is pregnant and it’s the worst news she’s ever heard.  Yeow!  Amber says that’s a pretty nasty thing to say and I agree.  Brooke says she’s not going to pretend she’s happy, because she’s an honest lady now.  Amber cracks on her by saying that that is what ended her marriage to Thorne.  Brooke says he deserves to be with someone who will love him with all her soul, and so does Rick. (Okay I’m not cracking on Brooke, but I know she has said, at some point, that she loved Thorne will all her heart).  Amber needs to be honest as well, according to Brooke who thinks it’s obvious she loves Deacon.  Amber asks how she would know considering she hasn’t been around and thank goodness she didn’t listen to Brooke’s soul-mate crap.  She wouldn’t give her marriage away for cheap thrills like Brooke.  Amber says she needs to learn that that isn’t love, it’s sick and she had better learn like Amber has. She also says she doesn’t make decisions like that anymore.  She picked Rick for the right reason, but does admit she had a connection with Deacon.  This however doesn’t mean they have a future.  She tells Brooke she has what she wants right now and to back off, as she stomps out. 

At Rick’s “house,” Rick looks at his wedding picture (you know, the one in May) and throws it down in semi-disgust.  He flashes back to when he was asking Amber if she still had feelings for Deacon.  Amber said no way, no how.  Then we flashback to when Rick saw Amber most recently kiss Deacon. (Not last spring)  The echoing, “promise you” kinda scares me.  Suddenly there’s a knock at the door! We’re back to present day and guess who’s there? Thorne of course.  He’s checking up on Rick. Surprise, surprise, Rick isn’t doing any better.  He says he doesn’t know if he can stay in the house with Amber.  Thorne asks him if he’s really going to move out.  He doesn’t know what he can do if he doesn’t trust Amber.  He doesn’t want to talk to her because he knows she’ll just lie some more.  For a second he questions the paternity of the child, but Thorne convinces him it’s his.  Thorne tries to tell him that Amber may be hanging around for more than just the baby.  Or perhaps she’s afraid to go after who she really wants, counters Rick.  Thorne suggests talking to one of her friends, which Rick scoffs at, but I bet he’ll do it.  Thorne tries again by suggesting maybe she’s scared to tell him the truth.  Rick said that was the excuse after the last fallout.  She was scared because of Brooke, Kimberly, and Tawny (Amber’s mom).  I mean that’d make me steal a baby and lie consecutively for a year.  Hah. Rick doesn’t know what she sees in Deacon.  He didn’t treat her well and tried to sell his kid.  He knows he has to tell Bridget the truth.  Thorne tries again, but Rick wants to know why he’s playing devil’s advocate.  Thorne just doesn’t want him to destroy things before he’s thought about it and remembers there are two kids involved.  Rick spots Amber in the driveway and tells Thorne to leave.  He doesn’t want to, but does.  He reminds Rick to remember she is the mother of his child.  Amber walks in and tries to comfort Rick who pulls away in anger.  Amber is shocked!