B&B Update Monday 10/22/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 10/22/01

By Matthew

Happy Monday!

In Sally’s office, Sally asks Eric why she needs to keep him in touch about Kristen’s whereabouts.  Eric says he’s going to do whatever it takes to keep her and Tony apart, so she needs to call him if she sees them together.  Sally asks him if he knows that Tony and Kristen are in love.  He does, but of course he thinks it won’t work and they are crazy to try.  Sally says they believe they can do it and the doctor’s visit added hope to their relationship.  She says they are adults and they can do whatever they want as long as they are safe.  Eric says they can’t possibly be safe if they are involved. (He’s not saying a lot for his daughter’s strength to resist temptation).  Sally says she can’t promise to call him. Eric says that he needs Sally’s help to protect his daughter.  And from thousands of miles away from LA, I can see how Sally will react to that.  Where was he when Sally needed help to protect Macy? She begged for help and got nothing from Eric or anyone. Eric looks like he feels pretty bad, but says this isn’t about Macy.  Sally’s not buying into his “call me” request and tells him goodbye.

Back up in Tony’s office, Kristen just got through proposing and Tony can’t believe it.  She says she’s wanted to marry him since they cooked dinner together with her family in the Forrester kitchen.  Tony says that was all before she knew he had HIV.  Hey, it’s all good, she wants to be with him anyways and that won’t change over time.  She suggests they hop on a plane to Vegas for a classy casino wedding. (Okay I added the “classy casino wedding,” but it’d be something like that).  She says she doesn’t need a big wedding, but Tony wonders how many more dreams she’ll have to give up for them to be together (sex, kids…).  Kristen says that there are lots of people who can’t have sex or have kids for many different reasons.  She tells him to stop judging the situation and look for the good in it. Eh, that’s kind of a hard request, but it could be therapeutic so I’m on board.  Tony still isn’t sure about marriage.  He knows he’s already caused a lot of tension in Kristen’s family and they probably would never forgive him if they married.  She tells him not to worry after all; she did the proposing, so they can be mad at her.  Tony agrees in the end to eventually get married, but wants to do it right, so Vegas is out..awww.  Kristen’s okay with giving him time and then they start to smooch a little but back off.  Tony wants to try some of the doctor’s suggestions, but Kristen tells him she’s saving herself for her husband. (Incentive to get married?) .

At Taylor’s, eh Morgan’s, no wait, Deacon and Bridget’s beach house, Amber and Bridget are having a chat.  Bridget is worried about Deacon and Amber.  Although she isn’t accusing Amber, she wants to know if there’s something Amber needs to tell her.  Amber says she doesn’t know why Deacon is being distant, but she’s sure Bridget will help him through it. She does admit that at one point she and Deacon had a thing going on, but that’s way over and she’s never been more committed to Rick.  She also tells Bridget she’s sure Deacon is just as committed to her (Bridget). 

In Brooke’s office, she and Deacon are still arguing, about his and Bridget’s marriage.  He can’t believe she’s doing this now, because he thought she had accepted it seeing as how it’s been months since it happened.  Remember, Brooke’s focused on family now.  She wants him to end the marriage now or she will.  She questions him on why he’s still hanging around her family.  I mean he accomplished his plan of revenge on her family.  Deacon says he’s committed to Bridget and isn’t leaving her.  Brooke kinda disses Bridget by saying he won’t ever be satisfied with her as a wife.  She’s only 18 and doesn’t understand him because of their age difference.  Well, maybe, but if she had taken that advice neither Bridget nor Rick would be around and I wouldn’t be recapping any of this. Hah! They go on for a little while longer and Brooke keeps looking worse and worse (she needs a nap) and then she just collapses in Deacon’s arms.  He gets her some water and says she was just a little dizzy after her very hard day.  Brooke again tries to reason with Deacon and says that Bridget and Amber are “polar opposites” and that’s why he couldn’t be happy with her.  Deacon says she’s underestimating her daughter.  She asks him about their home life and it becomes obvious they do separate things and have separate lives.  But that’s all right because they’re committed.  She asks him how Bridget will go to medical school if they are married.  Deacon says a lot can happen in a few years.  How true.  Brooke makes one more attempt to get him to let Bridget go so she can find the one person who she is really meant to be with.  Then, oops, Bridget walks in but doesn’t hear what they are talking about.  She says she’s gonna check in with Eric and says bye.  After she leaves, Brooke asks Deacon one more time to leave the marriage.