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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 10/9/01

By Matthew

Rick and Thorne continue their heated talk.  Rick feels sick about how Amber is looking forward to having their baby while being in love with Deacon at the same time. He also can’t believe that Amber lied to him after everything they have been through.  He was finally starting to trust her again.  Rick bluntly says to Thorne that he wants Amber gone.  Thorne tells him to chill out and think about things before he goes flying out in anger.  Rick doesn’t see what there is to think about.  Amber betrayed him and that’s it.  Thorne reminds him of the baby the two are going to have, and says he needs to think about it.  Well that didn’t make him feel any better so he stormed out, much to Thorne’s dismay.


Thorne then calls Brooke down to his office to talk about the mess with Bridget, Deacon, Amber, and Rick.  First he apologizes for all the problems Brooke has had to deal with her family, or lack there of.  He informs Brooke that Amber is expecting.  That really freaks her out and even more so when she finds out it wasn’t an accident.  She’s majorly upset and wants to know what’s going on with Rick.  Thorne keeps his lips sealed out of respect for Rick, but tells her he’s more worried about Bridget and Deacon’s sham of a marriage.  Brooke already knew that Deacon didn’t love Bridget.  Thorne says they have to end the marriage now before she gets hurt (i.e. Deacon leaving her for Amber).  Hmm…I think she’ll be hurt regardless.  Brooke starts to think Stephanie was right when she said she didn’t have a clue about her kid’s lives.  Brooke says she’ll handle Bridget’s marriage (uh-oh) and thanks Thorne. 


In Brooke’s office, Deacon comes in apparently because Brooke called him.  For a while they go back and forth because neither of them know exactly what is going on.  Haha! Deacon wants to know what Amber’s pregnancy has to do with Bridget. So does Brooke.  Brooke yells that she isn’t going to let her daughter waste her life away on “garbage” like Deacon. Ouch.  Deacon doesn’t like that and starts to leave, when Brooke asks him why he’s been hanging around. For the money or Bridget’s affection?  She tells him to pack his bags because he’s moving out in the morning.  Shyeah right.


Darla can’t believe that Kristen is committed to Tony in spite of his HIV.  Sophia explains they talked to a doctor about a physical relationship.  While they could make love with protection, they have decided not to take that risk.  Sally points out that are many ways to be intimate without having sex.  In walks Clarke, and Darla is too eager to share the good news with him about Tony and Kristen.  Unfortunately, this isn’t good news to Clarke (jealousy or a major fear of HIV) and he says Eric will not let this go down.


In Tony’s (Clarke’s old) office, Eric is in total disbelief that Tony is asking for his blessing on his and Kristen’s relationship.  Tony explains they loved each other and HIV wont effect it. Eric disagrees and says that if Tony can’t see the importance of HIV, then he doesn’t trust him.  Although being closed minded about the relationship, Eric does sympathize with Tony’s condition.  He also wants to know what made Tony change his mind about him and Kristen.  Kristen is standing out the door listening to all of this.  Eric then says he understands wanting someone as bad as Tony wants Kristen, but it still doesn’t mean they can be together. Eric also doesn’t buy Doc Craig’s sexual advice.  He says anything physical is irresponsible.  He then uses the old justification “If you really love Kristen, you wouldn’t put her life at risk…” It seems like they aren’t getting anywhere, then Eric reminds Tony that he will contract AIDS one day and to think about that.  That kinda blows Tony away and Eric leaves. 


Kristen comes right in to find a really sad looking Tony.  Kristen tells him not to worry.  Her dad is wrong about this whole thing.  Tony says Eric made some sense.  Kristen agrees, but she says most people wouldn’t believe they are going to commit to each other, without sex, because most people couldn’t do that.  I mean it’s only no more sex for the rest of your life.  Yikes!  Kristen doesn’t care if her family never accepts her.  Tony then asks her why she is doing all this for him.  Well of course it’s because she’s madly in love with him.  Tony doesn’t want to bring her pain once he gets AIDS (and gets sicker and maybe dies).  But Kristen doesn’t care and says Tony is the man she has always dreamed of.  Tony says the Forrester's will never accept him as her boyfriend.  So Kristen’s like “Hey let’s get married, then they will!” Well…maybe they will.  It was a touching scene that I majorly oversimplified, but I think you get it.  I particularly liked Kristen getting down on her knees and asking Tony’s hand in marriage.  Hah!


Sally bumps into Eric who kinda looks like he’s snooping around Spectra.  He tells her that if she sees Kristen around Spectra or Tony to call him at once. Sally doesn’t look really thrilled about this.  We’ll see how that goes over.


Well this is my first time recapping an episode, I hope it was good and y’all have a great weekend!

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