B&B Update Thursday 10/18/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 10/18/01

By Matthew

Brooke orders Stephanie out of her house.  Stephanie accuses her of thinking that she had finally gotten Ridge back.  But she tells her that "Evil does not triumph over good".  Brooke can't believe Stephanie thinks she's evil.  Stephanie lists all the things she's done.  But Stephanie says she should have known to trust her son not to fall for her.  Brooke points out what Stephanie just did to her, and her family, but Stephanie thinks that was justified.  She says Brooke is "finally finished".  They continue to have it out over past and present grievances.  It ends with Stephanie gloating that she's won.

Kristen doesn't want to talk to her Dad about her and Tony dating.  He says they have to talk about it because he's not going to let them date.  She says it's not his decision.  He tells her that she's not thinking clearly, or else he wouldn't have found her kissing Tony.  She tells him, "As long our mouths aren't bleeding, the doctor says it was fine" and she explains that they went to the doctor to ask him about sex.  She tells him that there are safe ways that they can be intimate.  He yells at her not to lecture her on AIDS because he's been in the fashion industry for years and has known many colleagues who've died of it.  He thinks the doctor was "reckless" to encourage them.  She tells him that the doctor was just giving them the "cold, hard, clinical facts".  He still thinks it's too dangerous.  She tells him that there's more to a relationship than sex.  He thinks that the physical attraction between her and Tony will be too strong, or at least he thinks their relationship will be too limiting for her.  She can't believe that he thinks Tony is not good enough for her when he's so wonderful.  He is worried about her health.  Even if they can abstain from sex, he worries that she or Tony won't be satisfied (gosh, what a dad!).  She suggests that if he's worried about Tony, he should go talk to him.

Tony tells Sally that he's got a great new idea for the design he did.  Sofia wonders why he's in such a good mood.  He tells them that Kristen and he are staying together.  They congratulate him.  He feels like a new man because Kristen loves him so much.  They note sadly that not every person could handle this kind of relationship.  Sally suggests that they go celebrate.  Tony thinks she's going to far.  He says that Kristen's family is not supporting their relationship.  Sally is not surprised.  They discuss his relationship with Kristen and her father.  Eric arrives to talk to Tony, so Sally and Sofia leave them alone.  Tony knows that Eric has talked to Kristen about their visit to the doctor.  Eric asks him honestly if he can protect Kristen and whether, if he were her father, would he want her with Tony.  Tony says Kristen is a strong woman and can make her own decisions, take her own risks.  He can't give her everything she deserves like children and conventional sex, but she will be "the most respected, the most loved woman on this earth".  He describes how much he loves her and how he plans to treat her.  He asks Eric for his blessing for their relationship.