B&B Update Tuesday 10/16/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 10/16/01

By Suzanne Lanoue

Ridge visits Brooke.  He's still very upset about what Taylor and the rest did.  Brooke is sympathetic and they hug.  She interprets his presence as that he is coming back to her and leaving Taylor, which he doesn't get at first.  She asks him if he feels guilty but he says no, why should he?    She says they'll get through this together.  He says maybe he should have Bridget come over to stay with her.  She suggests that he stay there instead.  He says he can't do that, so she says that he can get a room at the club for a while.  He finally understands where she's been coming from.  He tells her gently that he's going to forgive Taylor because she's his wife.  She gets very upset and begs him to stay with her, but he tells her to forget it and move on with her life.  He says he's angrier than he's ever been at Taylor, but she's his wife and he still loves her.  She begs him not to go and cries a lot, but he leaves.

Catherine chats to Taylor about the games the kids were playing, but she can tell that something is wrong, Taylor is upset.  Catherine asks where  Ridge is, but Taylor doesn't know.    Stephanie arrives and kisses the kids.  She brought a chocolate cake, so Catherine takes the kids in the kitchen for cake and ice cream.  Taylor tells Stephanie that Ridge stormed out.  Stephanie goes to call Brooke's house but Taylor stops her.  She doesn't want to know if he's there.  Taylor is very upset and shares with Stephanie how mad Ridge was.  She can't believe she got mixed up in their plan.  She doesn't know what she will do if she loses Ridge over this.  Stephanie tries to be supportive but Taylor is inconsolable.  Stephanie can't believe that Ridge defended Brooke to Taylor.  Taylor hopes that Ridge is not giving in to Brooke sexually right now.

Taylor and Tony visit Dr. Craig to ask him some questions about their relationship.  He wonders if they shouldn't talk to her sister, the psychiatrist, but the questions they have are medical.  Kristen tells Dr. Craig how much in love they are.  Dr. Craig is happy for them but cautions that they have to be careful so Tony doesn't pass on HIV to Kristen.  They know that already.  Dr. Craig lectures them on HIV, how it's transmitted by blood or semen.  They can kiss, but if either of them has any cuts or sores in their mouths, they could still transmit HIV.  He asks if they drink alcohol and they say they do have the occasional glasses of wine.  He suggests that they give up drinking until their HIV regiment becomes a habit, so that they don't accidentally go too far while they are drinking and losing their inhibitions.