B&B Update Monday 10/15/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 10/15/01

By Suzanne

Ridge yells at Taylor for what she did.  She calls it a "hair-brained scheme" and that trivialization really sets him off.  She admits it was an awful mistake but he tries to get her to see just how much worse it was than that.  He points out that she destroyed Brooke's family and he isn't happy about the effect it's having on theirs, either.  She claims that she just got caught up in the plan, that she was reacting because she was so desperate about Brooke trying to break them up.  He doesn't know how he can deal with what she did.  She suggests that he see it from her point of view.  She felt threatened by Brooke and isn't happy when Ridge defends her.  Ridge says this isn't about Brooke and that he's never given her any reason to be jealous (well, except maybe for that sleeping with Morgan thing :).  She feels that it's her and the kids against him and Brooke.  She wants Brooke out of their lives.  He asks what she will do now to accomplish that, maybe hire a hit man?  He walks out as she yells at him to stay so they can work things out.

Amber prattles on to her friend Ginger about the baby clothes she bought and whether it will be a boy or girl.  Ginger teases her about talking non-stop about the baby.  So Amber starts talking about Rick and how she's going to be extra nice to him tonight in bed.  Ginger wonders why she hasn't mentioned Deacon.  Amber tells Ginger that she's all through with Deacon.  She kissed him goodbye, literally and she's sticking with her husband, whom she loves.  She thinks Rick senses how much she loves him now.

Thorne asks Rick if he's sure about Deacon and Amber.  Rick tells him again that he saw them kissing and heard her say she loved Deacon.  He thinks it's just like Brooke and Ridge, they are "soul mates".  Thorne says the difference is that he and Amber are expecting a child.  After Rick describes exactly what he saw and heard, Thorne says he thinks that Deacon and Amber were saying goodbye.  Rick doesn't know what to do.  Thorne suggests he do nothing.  He tells Rick that pregnancy changes a woman.  Rick's not sure if he can leave it alone.  He would dump Amber if she weren't pregnant.  Thorne asks him again to leave it alone, but Rick can't, so Thorne suggests that he sit down with Amber and have a talk.  Rick says she'll just lie to him.  He has to settle this.

Taylor cries by herself.   Thomas comes in with their nanny and asks where his daddy is.  She's not sure, and she doesn't know when he'll be back.

Brooke has wine with Megan, who suggests they talk about work.  Brooke can't think about work.  Megan notices that she has a lot of energy.  Brooke tells her that Ridge is coming back to her tonight.  They toast with their glasses.  Megan wonders if Ridge will really leave Taylor.  Brooke says he's bound to because he thought Taylor was something special but now he's learned that she's just human like the rest of them.  Brooke is bitter and calls Taylor a "monster".  Megan reminds her about their kids and hopes she won't be disappointed.  Brooke is sure that he will arrive.  He does drop by as Megan is leaving.  She wishes Brooke luck.   Ridge comes in, looking very grim, and Brooke hugs him.