B&B Update Thursday 10/11/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 10/11/01

By Suzanne  

Rick offers to stay with Brooke and he's concerned about whether she's okay.  She says she'll be fine.   He asks when he'll tell Rick and Bridget what happened.  She says "tonight or tomorrow".  He tells her to rest and call him if she needs him.  He's going home to face Taylor.

Massimo is with Taylor and Stephanie.  He asks whether Brooke was on the plane with Ridge or not.  Taylor replies that he didn't say.  She says he sounded angry like he knows everything.  She plans to tell him, if he doesn't.  Massimo thinks that's stupid, but she won't be talked out of it.  She says his plan was "insane".  She tells them both to leave, but as they are leaving, Ridge walks in.

Rick remembers hearing Deacon and Amber tell each other "I love you".  He wonders what he's going to do.  Amber comes home, all excited after shopping for baby stuff.  She prattles on, showing him the stuff, then she leaves.  Thorne comes over at Rick's request.  He figures Thorne can help him, since he was married to a woman who was in love with another man.  Rick fills Thorne in on some of the details and asks what he is going to do.

Megan consoles Brooke and gives her lots of sympathy over her ordeal.  They discuss whether Ridge and Taylor's marriage will break up or not and what Brooke plans to do to Taylor.  She's going to leave that to Ridge.  She tells Megan that Ridge is disillusioned with his wife.  She thinks this will finally be the end of their marriage.  Megan wonders if the kids will keep them together.  Brooke talks about how loving Ridge was to her.  She thinks that his marriage will be over.

Ridge yells at Massimo and Stephanie for their plan.  He's particularly disappointed in Stephanie.  She says she would do it over again, if she could.  She thinks Brooke is dangerous.  He tells her to butt out of his family, his business.  He ends up punching Massimo.  Massimo is unrepentant for what he did and says he has a stake in this.  Ridge knows he has "the hots" for his mother.  He calls him a "low life thug".  After yelling at them some more, he tells them to get out so he can talk to Taylor.