B&B Update Wednesday 10/10/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 10/10/01

 By Linda

Ridge and Brooke fly back home in the jet.  They are both still shocked by what happened.  Brooke feels totally betrayed by everyone, but especially her father.  Ridge is having a hard time believing that Taylor was involved in the plot.  His world is rocked by this because he  thought she had so much integrity.  He apologizes to Brooke for whatever part Taylor had in it.  He tries to explain that he thinks Brooke's father at least thought he was trying to help her out, even though he was severely misguided and not blameless.  She knows that if their plan had worked, she would have stayed with her parents and she would never have been able to get back with Ridge.  Ridge consoles her; they hug.

Stephanie and Taylor continue to talk about the plan.  Taylor has phoned Paris so she knows that Brooke is okay.  She is determined to tell Ridge about her part in this, despite Stephanie's advice.  Stephanie thinks things will be okay with Ridge but that Taylor should be prepared for his anger.  Taylor hopes that this lets Ridge know just how far she is willing to go, to fight for her marriage.  She is pretty secure in their relationship because when she was looking at the kids, she realized that Brooke has nothing to give him.

Eric visits Massimo and tells him that his plan was stupid and almost got Brooke killed.  Massimo is unfazed.  Eric tells him to stay away from his family, or he'll take him down.  Massimo points out all of Eric's past wives and that he still considers Brooke part of his family, whereas she is a thorn in Stephanie's side.  Eric warns him that he'd better stay out of it from now on.

Ridge phones Taylor to tell her to tell Catherine to take the kids away to the park or something so they can have some time alone to talk.  She asks if everything's okay.  He says, no, it's not, and hangs up on her.