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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 10/5/01

By Linda

Brooke is unconscious on the landing below as tourists come to her side.

Steph tells Eric about Taylor’s worries about Ridge putting it all together. Ridge found Massimo’s card in Brooke’s office. Stephen may have dropped it. She doesn’t think Ridge will connect the two. Eric wonders what Massimo thinks. He was at lunch too, right. Steph admits he was. She sees the look on Eric’s face and thinks he is mad. He says he is not. He is frightened for them. Massimo has them all lying to one another, especially Brooke’s father having to lie to her like this. Look at this web of lies. They are all created by her friend of low. He feels Massimo is dangerous and a big threat to all of them.

The manager comes over wondering if the Forrester men are having a problem with Massimo. They ell him they are all right. Massimo thinks this is the Forrester reaction. The same one Eric gets when he talks to his wife. Ridge would like to know what is going on between him and Steph. Mass says they are old friends and is sure Steph has talked about him over the years. Ridge says actually never. Mass assures him if he asks his mother she will tell him they go way back. Ridge wonders if he goes way back with Taylor. No, Massimo admits he just met her. He thinks she is charming. Thorne points out that Taylor didn’t seem to find Mass so charming. In fact, she looked pretty upset to him. Mass says that has nothing to do with him. Ridge wonders what it did have to do with. Mass says Ridge and Brooke. Ridge glares at him. Mass tells him not to look so shocked. He knows the strain she has been under since Brooke has declared her intentions. Thorne can’t believe she would come in there and pour her heart out to a virtual stranger. Mass says she poured her heart out to her mother in law and he just happened to be there. Thorne says he has been showing up all over the place, especially when Brooke left. He says he went to see Steph but it seemed like a very private moment and he didn’t want to intrude. Thorne thinks he has an answer for everything. Mass thinks it is apparent he doesn’t have one that will satisfy either of them. Ridge has one more thing he is curious about. He holds up the card with the letter M.

Beth tries to reach Brooke on her cell phone to no avail. Stephen thinks she may be having too much fun. She is worried that they don’t know where she is or whom she is with. He thinks she will be fine. She is with one of Massimo’s guys. Whomever he is, he has to be better than Ridge, right? She worries something could happen to Brooke. He assures her Massimo wouldn’t let it. She is afraid that is what Mass wants. He can’t let Brooke go back to LA. He is sure Mass wouldn’t hurt Brooke and wants his wife to stop being such a nervous Nellie about it. She is probably having the time of her life. He hands his wife a drink. Beth looks quite worried.

People gather around Brooke. Jacque heads down the steps. Someone calls for help on the phone. One man calls out that she is alive. The one on the phone asks for them to someone to come quick.

Massimo admits it is his card but must have lost it. It isn’t illegal to lose a card. Ridge offers that Mass is not the one who lost it. Stephen Logan did. Now why would he have one of Massimo’s cards? Mass smiles at Ridge and tells him he is pushy, so much like Eric it is amazing. Ridge takes that as a compliment. He still wants to know about the card. Mass says he has a beautiful wife and three adorable children and all he wants to do is play junior detective. Ridge warns he will get to the truth one way or anther. Massimo says the truth is, Taylor is a beautiful woman and does Ridge thinks she will wait around forever not knowing where she stands. Ridge doesn’t want to stand in the middle of the restaurant discussing his marriage with him. Mass warns that there are plenty of men out there who would be interested in Taylor. They would be willing to give much more and care about her happiness. The day she realizes that is the day Ridge will realize he lost a treasure. He walks off. Thorne thinks that was strange. Ridge thinks it was a deliberate attempt to change the subject by pushing his buttons. He is sure they are on to something big.

Stephen takes another sip of champagne. He never thought he liked champagne. Now he realizes he wasn’t drinking the right stuff. Beth wonders how much that cost. He accuses her of being cautious. She is just worried about the money. He says he has enough to live. Maybe not as well as Eric Forrester. He looks at her and blames her for Brooke’s attraction to Ridge. She is like her mother who can’t get over those Forrester men. She accuses him of being drunk. He denies it. She guesses she is also responsible for taking Massimo’s money. He sold out their daughter. He says he is doing that for Brooke’s own good and some day she will thank him. Beth hollers that she is so sick of hearing that. The phone rings. Beth answers. She gets the devastating new.

The doctor looks into Brooke’s eyes. He is waiting for the lab results. Jacque comes into the room. He wonders if she is all right. The doctor asks if he is family. No, they just met. The doc says she is not in coma, but unconscious. He would like to know what happened up there. Were they arguing? Jacque say no, not at all. The doc asks if she had any help going over the side. Jacque says he didn’t have to come down there. The doc knows but warns that Brooke’s story better match. The nurse calls the doctor over. Brooke opens her eyes. Jacques breathes a sigh of relief.

It really bothers Eric that Steph thinks of Massimo as some avenging angel. She boasts that he got rid of Brooke. Just a few white lies and they got rid of Brooke. He wonders at what cost, Taylor losing her husband? She admits, Taylor will be a bit uncomfortable which is better than living in a state of hysteria as she has the past few weeks. She now knows her marriage is safe. He wonders if Brooke is safe. Steph assures him that Mass knows she would not stand for him to hurt Brooke. He could have saved a lot of money. She wants him to put his feelings aside about Massimo. He wants her to put her feelings aside and see Mass for the evil man he is. 

Brooke tells the doctor her ribs hurt. He admits there is some bruising. She complains of a headache. He wonders if there is any numbness or tingling. She says no. He feels she is lucky she only fell 15’ to the deck below. She can expect the headache to last a couple of days. Jacque sneaks out. The doctor says it is good luck for him. Brooke wonders whom the doc is talking to. Once the doc turns around, he sees that Jacque is gone. She asks if Jacque was there. The doc says he was but is gone now. She says, good. He asks if Jacque had anything to do with her fall. She says it wasn’t intentional. He offers to have security stop him. She wants to let him go. It was just an accident.

As Ridge and Thorne sit back at their table, they notice Massimo hasn’t left yet. Ridge thinks Massimo has a strong hatred for Eric after the way he talked about him. They wonder what connection Steph, Massimo and Brooke have. Thorne thinks it may be a good think that Brooke left town when she did. If he has something out for her, it is best she is not around. Ridge feels that there would be no place for her to hide.

Beth and Stephen come into Brooke’s room as she is asleep. Her dad touches her shoulder. Brooke comes to. Beth asks what happened. Brooke says it was an accident. Beth asks if she is sure. Brooke offers the whole story of Jacque coming on to her and that it was all an accident. Beth can’t believe they let Jacque go. Brooke is sure he feels terrible about it and doesn’t want them to worry about him. Stephen thinks Brooke is right. It is the best thing they can do for Brooke right now. Beth doesn’t care what he thinks is the best thing to do for her right now. She storms out of the room with Brooke calling after her. Brooke asks Stephen if Beth is all right. He says she is fine. Brooke is so sorry for what happened. She came there to help him and now this happened. He tells her he has to go check on her mom. He goes out of the room and stands there worried about his what he has done.

Massimo balls out Jacque on the phone, calling him a fool. Jacque tries to tell him Brooke is not hurt. Massimo says the point is, she was to be kept away from Ridge. Now, he will come running to her. Jacque asks what he Mass wants him to do. Mass says nothing, think he can manage that? He hangs up and says to himself that that idiot has driven Brooke right into Ridge’s arms.

Ridge is on the phone with Brooke already. He will be there as soon as he gets the jet ready. She says he doesn’t have to do that. He thinks she could have died tonight. She says she didn’t. HE thinks something is weird about this. She says he was just an overly romantic Frenchmen. What’s so weird about that? That is what he intends to find out. She would love to see him. He says he will be there as soon as she opens her eyes. She thanks him and they hang up. Ridge looks over at Massimo then walks over to him. He tells Massimo he just got a call from Brooke. She is in the hospital and if he finds out Massimo had anything to do with this, he will bury him, understand? He walks away.

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