The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 10/4/01

By Linda



Jacque takes Brooke to the top of the Eiffel Tower. They have a full view of Paris. Brooke reminds him that he was supposed to bring her right home. He couldnít resist first showing her the view. He says to himself that he is thankful to Massimo and is going to enjoy this.



Ridge and Thorne go out for dinner and discuss Brooke and her fatherís illness. They soon notice Stephanie sitting with Massimo and wonder who he is.



Beth is surprised to find Stephen at home. He was supposed to be out with Brooke for dinner. He tells her that Brooke has a date with a nice guy. She wonders if Massimo is behind this date. He thinks this is what Brooke needs to get her mind off Ridge. Beth canít believe it. Massimo pays him all this money now he has to do everything he tells him. He thinks Massimo is helping the Forresters. Beth canít understand why. Stephen thinks Massimo is still in love with Stephanie and that is why he is doing this.



Stephanie worries that Ridge will find out about the card and Taylorís involvement. Again, Massimo assures her; it is taken care of and wonít affect Ridge and Taylorís marriage. The card is not the problem, Brooke Logan is and she is being taken care of.



Brooke enjoys the view but wants to go now. Jacque flatters her. She is as beautiful as the view. She asks to go home. He says no, she is not going home. He caresses her hair as she looks worried.



Ridge and Thorne remember seeing Massimo at Forresters. Ridge says that Eric told him that mother and Massimo used to date years ago and are now friends. Thorne looks over. He doesnít think they are having a very friendly conversation right now.



Massimo assures Stephanie that he would never do anything to hurt her. Has he ever? Steph admits he has not but worries about Taylor and her concerns. Mass says Taylor just has to be patient. He wonít let anything happen to her marriage. Steph reminds Mass that Taylor is an honorable woman and would never have let this happen if it wasnít for Brookeís involvement. Mass wants Steph to tell her not to worry. Taylor comes up from behind and tells Massimo to tell her himself. She wants him to call Stephen and end this now. She canít handle it anymore.



Ridge and Thorne now notice Taylor over with Ridge and Stephanie. Thorne suggests that Taylor may be there to meet Ridge. Ridge wonders why she is at Motherís table.



Beth blasts Stephen for letting Massimo use their daughter. She thinks he has sold their daughter out. Does he know that man she is out with? No, he hasnít. She wonders where they went. He has no idea. She says nothing better happen to their daughter. He is sure nothing will. She wonders how he can be so sure. He just is.



Atop the Eiffel Tower, Brooke again asks to go home but Jacque tells her again that she is not going anywhere. There evening has just begun. She says it is over and she wants to go home. She isnít kidding. He canít believe she wants to waste the evening. He wants to take her to dinner. She doesnít know what her father told him, but she is not interesting in dating. She is in love with someone back at home. He thinks she should move on in Paris. He leans forward and kisses her.



Taylor would have done anything to keep Brooke from ruining her marriage but not this. She wants it to stop. Massimo and Steph assure her there is nothing to worry about. The card is no good anymore. The number is disconnected. Taylor doesnít care. She wants it to end right now. It is wrong. Brooke believes her father is dying. That has turned her life upside down. Mass asks her to listen to him. Brooke is a predator and will play on Taylorísí weaknesses and vulnerabilities In order to defeat her, she has to be strong. If she gives in to her fears, she will use this to turn Ridge against her. Taylor wonders if what he is saying is there is not turning back. He assures her that when he is done with Brooke, she wonít bother anyone again. Taylor looks worried.



Thorne wants to go. They have work to do. Ridge is still stuck on the fact Taylor is over there with Steph and Mass and is looks like something heavy is going on over there. Heís going to go over there. He doesnít trust that guy. Father told him the guy is involved in organized crime. Thorne is surprised at the news.



Massimo thinks Taylor should go home. Steph wants her to come over to her house until she calms down. Taylor claims to be calm and wants dinner. Mass doesnít think that is a good idea. The three of them shouldnít be seen together. Steph and Taylor get up and leave. Ginger brings Massimo the bill to sign.



Ridge is now sure Taylor was not there to see him. As Ginger passes by, Ridge asks what the gentlemenís name is that she just served. She thinks it is Massimo Maroni. She checks the bill. He just signed it with an M. Ridge asks to see it. He pulls out the card and matches the Mís. He then tells Thorne about the card. He is sure Brookeís father has some connection with Massimo and he doesnít like it one bit. They go over to confront Massimo. Ridge says they have to talk. Mass asks what he can do for him.



Beth wants Stephen to call Brooke and tell her to come home. He thinks she is fine and Beth is over reacting. Beth reminds him that Brooke is out there with some stranger and wonders how he could put her baby in danger.




Brooke pulls away. She wants him to bring her home. He wants her to forget about the man in the states. He knows all about him. He is married and loves his wife. He does not want Brooke. She must let him go and start a new life there in Paris. He wants to show her how to forget him. He will never be hers, never. Brooke cries out that is not true. She backs away. She loses her footing and falls off the tower. Jacque screams nooooooo!