The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 10/3/01


By Linda



Amber says her good-bye to Deacon. She has to be with her family now. As much as she cares about him, there is no future for them. He canít grasp the idea.




Brooke and Ridge finish up on business using the conference video phone. The rest can wait until tomorrow. He is sure she is exhausted. She admits she is. She has been running back and forth and dodging the press. She canít believe her father is dying. He wonít even talk about it. She wants to help him but doesnít know how.



Taylor tells Stephanie that Ridge found Massimoís card. Steph thinks there is no reason to panic. There is no name on it. Taylor worries that Ridge will call in and put two and two together. If he ever finds out that she is involved. She has to tell him the truth. Steph doesnít want her to tell Ridge anything. She will call Massimo and have him take care of it. Taylor worries that something can go wrong and it will go out of control. Stephanie is sure Massimo will take the blame. Taylor reminds her that Stephan may have taken the money, but they gave Massimo the motive.



Stephan calls Massimoís secret number. He lets Massimo know that Ridge has the card with his number on it. He must have dropped it in Brookeís office. Ridge asked Brooke about it and she saw the number on the scratch pad by the phone. He lied and told her it was his hotel number. Massimo wonít accept excuses. Stephen says it was an accident. Mass is afraid he may have blown the whole plan. Stephen asks if he wants to call it off. Mass just wants him to listen to him. He has arranged for Brooke to have a date with a young man tonight. He told the man everything about Brooke. A meeting has been arranged. Jacque will handle the rest. There will be no more mistakes, Stephen. He hangs up the phone.



Deacon pleads with Amber to change her mind. She feels that she made a commitment. He wants her to take Little D and take off with him to Vegas. She wonít do such a thing. Their spouses need them. They canít run away from this anymore. They made their choices and have to live with them.



Steph insists they just let Massimo handle it. Taylor knows Brooke will figure it out that there is nothing wrong with her father. She went along with it to save her marriage and if Ridge finds out, she was involved it can blow everything.



Ridge feels sorry for Brooke. He doesnít want her to face this alone. He wants her to call him at his office or home if she needs him. He wonders if she found out anything more about that card with the phone number on it. She tells him it is her fatherís from his hotel room. He left his glasses there. He holds it up to the screen so she can see it. He thought her father stayed at the Beverly Inn. This card has an M on it with just a phone number and no address. She figures it may be from the hotel bar. He thinks it is more like a personal card. It is gold embossed. It is not the typical business card. She wonders if he is saying her father is lying. He is just saying this card did not come from her fatherís hotel.



Massimo calls Jacque. He wants Brooke Logan taken care of tonight. Jacque canít wait. Brooke has quite a reputation. Massimo knows that Jacque does too and expects him to live up to it. He warns that Brooke is talented, intelligent, and extremely intuitive. Jacque doesnít want him to worry. He will take her by surprise. She wonít know what hit her. He hangs up the phone.



Steph calls Massimo and asks if she can join him. He says he is at the Cafť Rouse. She will be right there.



Brooke doesnít understand why her father would lie about the card. Maybe it has to do with his illness. Ridge admits Taylor showed quite and interest in it. Brooke has to go. She has to talk to him. He makes her wait. He doesnít want her to think he was suggesting her father was lying about this. He was just thinking aloud. Maybe it did come from the hotel bar. Those single letter names are quite popular now. He is sorry he didnít mean to upset her. She thinks she is just fried and needs to go home. After they end their conference, Ridge stares at the card.




Amber assures Deacon they can still see each other at family get-togethers and birthday parties. She is so sorry. She touches his face. He holds her hand and kisses it as Rick walks in and sees them.



Stephanie finds out that Massimo knows about Ridge having the card and has disconnected the number. Steph worries he may have it traced. Taylor is upset that Ridge may find out about it. He assures her he has everything under control and she and Taylor should not worry.


††† ††††


Amber pulls back. She has to go but hopes they can still be friends. He assures her they will. They are in-laws. He thinks she should go and not keep Rick waiting. Before she goes, they share a kiss, which Rick witnessed. Deacon tells her that he loves her. She tells him she loves him too. She walks away.



Ridge dials the number and wonders what is going on when he finds it is no longer in service.



Mass wants Steph to tell Taylor her marriage is safe. He will take care of Brooke Logan. She will not be coming back to the states.



Jacque arrives at Brookeís with flowers in hand. He tells her that he is sorry he is late. She wonders if they had a meeting or something. He claims her father said she wanted to go out. Brooke is stunned to find out he knows her father. He asks if her father called her. She says no. He claims to be embarrassed now. Her father must have forgotten to call. His disease, it is so bad. He wonders if her father has ever mentioned him. She doesnít recall the name. He feels Stephen must have been preoccupied. She thinks so too. They were supposed to have dinner tonight. She turns down his offer to go out. She is tired and wants to go home. He offers to drive her and maybe stop for a glass of wine. She refuses the offer stating she will take a taxi. He thinks Stephen would be furious with him and pleads with her to let him take her home. She agrees. Jacques seems to admire what he sees. He thinks to himself that he has far more in store for her than taking her home. This will be a night sheíll never forget.