The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 10/2/01

By Linda


Kristen stands her ground. If her parents donít accept Tony, she is out the door. Eric refuses to cooperate. Kristen tries to pull Tony out the door. He stops her. He doesnít want it this way. She is all excited about the life they can have. She includes getting married and having a family. They havenít even begun to explore their options. Eric would like to know what those options are. She isnít sure, but she knows they can make this work. It will take a lot of determination but it is not impossible. She turns to Tony and pleads with him to live on their terms. If her family wonít support them, they will have to do it alone.



Bridget hugs her brother after finding out the news that Amber is pregnant. She asks if Amber is happy about it. He is sure she is. Why wouldnít she be? He knows Amber wasnít into the idea at first but she came around and changed her mind. Bridget thinks Stephanie will be thrilled. Rick thinks this will be a big change for all of them, meaning Amber, Bridget, Deacon and himself. She asks if Deacon knows about this. He isnít sure and wonders if Deacon mentioned it to her. No, she says, but he did tell her to stop taking her birth control pills. They had a long discussion and they agreed she has to finish school. This isnít the right time for them so she is still taking her pills. This makes Rick sure that whatever was between Deacon and Amber is over and they can put it all behind them.



Amber meets with Deacon. He is sure she is not happy about being pregnant. He thinks she didnít want it to happen at all. He could tell by the look on her face when she read the results. She claims Rick is her husband. He doesnít care. He feels he is the man Amber loves. She wants him to stop. People are staring. He doesnít care. He is tired of playing the tough guy and hiding his feelings. This is killing him. He hears it over and again in his mind that she is having Rickís baby. He thinks she made a mistake. She is quick to let him know this baby is no mistake and will have two loving parents who simply adore it. He wonders about those same two parents not adoring each other. She says she loves her husband and his family. They are good to her. He knew this would happen if she went back to Rick. She would become just like the Forrester's. She reminds him that his wife is a Forrester. He quips that his wife was willing to leave her family to be with him. She wonít let them run her life and wishes Amber wouldnít let them run hers. She feels this is more than being a Forrester. It is about being a wife and mother. She is pregnant and that isnít going to go away. All they can do now is move on.



Eric knows he canít stop Kristen from seeing Tony but the future she sees is just a fantasy and is not going to happen. She canít believe he is being so negative. He knows it is a beautiful dream but it is not reality. She thinks it is. People with HIV, if taking the proper medicine can live very fulfilling lives. She refuses to see this disease as tragedy. She feels something wonderful will emerge from this. The most rewarding part of their lives is ahead of them. They will overcome the challenges together but this disease is not going to ruin their lives. It will only make each accomplishment that much sweeter. Eric understand what she is trying to do but is sure every day of their relationship will be difficult and the closer they get, the harder it is going to be.



Deacon wants Amber to tell him the truth. There is a chance for them. She repeats, she loves her husband and wants him. Deacon is sure she wants him too. She admits it is true.



Stephanie feels that if they donít support Kristen, they will lose her. Stephanie would like a few minutes alone with Eric. Kristen and Tony leave them some space.



Tony doesnít want Kristen to leave her family for him. She stands her ground. Either they accept him or it is over. She wonít let her parents rob them of their dreams. He asks if she is sure this is what she wants. She wouldnít have it any other way.



Bridget and Rick are sure everything will work out the way they wanted and it is over between Amber and Deacon. They can finally put to rest that ridiculous idea that there is something between Amber and Deacon.



Amber relates to what Brooke said about soul mates. She knows there is a connection between the two of them. She thought it was only physical but that isnít so. They both have the same backgrounds, thoughts, and ideas. It is like when he sees her; he can slip right inside her and understand what she is thinking. She loves Rick but Deacon is always there. She admits that she fantasizes about Deacon but that is all it will ever be. She gets up and walks away. He follows her. He thinks it is real. No, she says, her baby is real. What she and Deacon have is a daydream. She is just being honest with him as he asked. She admits that he is a wonderful father and man. If Rick didnít play such a significant place in her life, things may have been different. However, the way things are right now, it just isnít going to happen for her and Deacon. He thinks this is some kind of joke. No, she says, they are going to spend the rest of their lives with their spouses and not act on their feelings for one another ever again. This is good-bye. Their eyes fill with tears.



Eric doesnít want to lose Kristen but worries about her catching AIDS. He canít believe Stephanie backs Kristen. She doesnít think they have a choice. Kristen is determined. With that kind of determination, it just may work. Who are they to stop them from doing something miraculous with their lives?




Kristen thinks this can work if Tony stops seeing himself as a victim of HIV but instead a man with a future. Can he do that? Yes, with her, he can do anything.