The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 10/01/01

By Glynis

Steven is telling his wife the truth about his involvement with Massimo. Steven thinks that they should play along especially since Massimo has made them rich. Brooke is not happy with them because she thinks that her father is dying from an illness. Brooke walks in the room and finds her parents together. Steven explains that he has been having trouble sleeping so he went for a walk. Steven sits her down and tells her that there are some great apartments available in the area. He thinks that she should consider something more permanent. She understands that the needs her close. Brooke’s mother is getting uncomfortable with the conversation. Her father feels that she should get away from Ridge. Brooke doesn’t want to talk about that anymore. Steven is sure that Ridge is an obsession. This is not healthy. She is an intelligent woman and he is married. He wants her to move on. She refuses to talk about this anymore. Brooke explains that Ridge is the only man that she has ever loved. She has to go to work. She hugs her father with tears in her eyes. After Brooke leaves, her mother hopes that Steven is pleased with himself. Steven thinks that he is saving Brooke from Ridge Forester and that is more important.’ Why is Massimo doing this? It must be for the Foresters. If Ridge doesn’t want her then there is no reason for them to be acting so erratically. Maybe Ridge does have feelings for Brooke.

Stephanie and Eric talk with Kristen. They are afraid that they are going to lose their daughter. Antonio appears in the doorway assuring Eric and Stephanie that they are not going to lose their daughter. He is going to make sure of that. Eric barged in on Kristen and Antonio together. He hasn’t been feeling hope and Kristen made Eric see that there are limitations to things that they can do, but not to the love that they share. Antonio will not turn his back on her. Eric tells him that he will stay away from Kristen. He tells Antonio to get out of the house. Kristen tells them to stop talking to Antonio that way. She tells them that they either accept Tony or they are going to lose her.

Brooke is having a talk with Ridge over the computer. She is glad that he is giving her time this way. She tells him that her father wants her to get an apartment there to make things more permanent. Ridge jokes that he has been able to do work now that Brooke isn’t parading around in her underwear at work. She offers to give him a computer show anytime that he wants. He feels that he should go but he is happy that he could put a smile on her face. He will call her tomorrow on the computer. She tells him thanks. She knows that his family is happy that she is out of town but here he is working late and talking with her. He feels that this is no big deal, but it is to her. He wishes her a good night. They log off and she tells him quietly that she loves him too.