The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 9/25/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 9/25/01

By Glynis

Bridget and Rick are together talking about Deacon and how she could be married to him. Bridget is starting college and she should be hanging out with people her age. He is anxious about some stuff with Amber. She is going to take a pregnancy test. They want Eric to have a sibling. When Rick sees her with their child, he is convinced that she was meant to be a parent. He is worried that she may not be pregnant. He can always keep trying. What if she can't have children? Their first baby died at birth. He has never been this excited in a while. Bridget is going to wait to have a child. She just started college. Rick canít believe that she is married. Life didnít turn out the way that they thought that it would. Rick leaves her to go and take care of some things.

Amber takes the test and she is holding the applicator in her hand. She isnít going to show it to him. She tells him to go. She should be talking to her husband first. They shouldnít be talking about this. She shouts at him, "I am pregnant okay!" she shows him the test and they donít lie. Deacon is upset. He tells her to do it again. How could she let this happen? She did what her husband wanted. She wants her marriage to work. He tells her that she canít expect that to make a difference. It didnít work for his mother and it didnít work for her mother. This baby is going to be a gift from heaven. Deacon has something to say. He wants to know if she would feel the same way about that baby if it were his? He tells her that there is something that they can do about this pregnancy. He is not going to get rid of his child. He sees this as a way to stop them seeing each other again. Amber tells him that he married Bridget and that was the end of their chances. Deep down there is a little flicker of hope. When they are with Little D, the chance is always there. He loves for these visits. They are committed to their spouses, but when they are together, they want to reach out and touch each other. How do they keep doing this again and again. The only thing that has ever mattered is them. If she has that baby, it is going to change everything permanently and Amber knows that. She wonít realize what she has lost until it is gone. Deacon realizes that he loves her now. She tells him that it is too late. She is pregnant with her husbandís child. Rick calls Amber telling her that he is almost home and that she has to get the pregnancy test ready so that they can take it right away. She gets off the phone and pushes Deacon out, but not before he kisses her full on the lips. Soon, Rick arrives and Amber tells him that she couldnít wait and she did the test without him. She reveals that she is pregnant. He wants to know why she is crying. She tells him that she is so happy with the results and that is why she is crying. They hug and Deacon watches them through the window. He sees them kissing and hugging each other.

Clarke confronts Antonio on talking to Kristen. Antonio tells him that he still has deep feelings for Kristen. Clarke tells Antonio that he might as well be a eunuch. Antonio has taken just about enough. Clarke warns him not to touch him unless he is wearing latex gloves. He canít give Kristen what she wants and needs. He can only give her HIV.

Kristen is talking to Stephanie about Antonio and how he has HIV. Kristen didnít tell her mother because she was going on her trip. Eric wonít let her see Antonio. Kristen already has seen Antonio. Stephanie thinks that Kristen is an adult and she can make her own decisions. Antonio is afraid of infecting her and he will not let her go near him. Kristen is so close to Antonio and he is afraid of what might happen if they get too close. Kristen thinks that she can handle being close to Antonio. She is strong and she can do this. When Kristen calls, the phone rings and it is Clarke calling. He would like to take her out for something to eat. She has had a sad day. He would like to make things better for her. She agrees to meet him. Clarke has staged that for Antonioís benefit and it does hurt him.