The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 9/24/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 9/24/01

By Glynis

Eric is listening as Stephanie talks to Massimo. Massimo is telling her that Eric should have been looking out for his wife. Stephanie tells Massimo that he has to make a major adjustment in his attitude. Eric comes into the room and he is not happy that he has seen Stephanie kissing another man. Massimo want to know about Stephanieís reaction to Eric messing around with other women in the past. Stephanie doesnít want to go there. Massimo made Stephanie live the life of a martyr for years. Massimo stayed in touch with Stephanie for years. She didnít complain about him but he could read between the lines. Eric feels that Massimo is wasting his time. Stephanie gave up her life to build Eric a family, a company and a name and she had to stand by and watch him squander the company on Brooke. Massimo knows that Eric saw him kissing his wife and Massimo thinks that if Eric didnítí show up who knows where their passion could have led. Eric knocks over some glass on the table and looks like he could really hurt Massimo but he doesnít. Massimo goes to the door and says that he will be back because Stephanie will invite him.

Amber is one day late and Rick thinks that she is pregnant for sure. He wants to go and get a pregnancy test, but she wants him to wait. He thinks that she may be scared. Rick says that he is going to take good care of her and she knows that he will. She would have given anything for them to have been this way the last time. They donít know if he she is pregnant or not. Rick leaves after kissing Little Eric goodbye. Ginger comes to visit with the test for Amber to try. Amber sends Little Eric to the other room to get his book so that she can visit with her friend. Amber is having a bit of trouble thinking of being with Rick forever and not Deacon. Amber used to pray for this the first time. When Rick wanted out the first time, she thought that if she could get him to love her for real, then things would be perfect. Amber wonders what is wrong with her. Ginger thinks that she wants something that she canít have.

Deacon is talking to his friend at the restaurant and he tells her that he kissed Amber. He feels that she is a nut job. She doesnít know what she wants. She kisses him one moment and then avoids him the next. Bridget is a really great kid, but she doesnítí have the same effect on him as Amber does. Love isnít logical. Deacon doesnít know how to get past this thing with Amber. How do you cut someone out of your heart?

Amber sees Deacon in the window coming over and she shouts to Ginger to put the pregnancy test away. Ginger hides it just in time as Deacon comes in. Little D runs to his father and hugs him. Ginger makes herself scarce. Deacon wants to know what is up with Amber. She tells him that she has plans with Rick later. Rick calls from school and he wants to know if she got the test yet. He wants her to wait until he gets home to do the test with her. She gets off the phone to find Deacon holding a pregnancy test. He found it and he wants her to take it right now. She doesnít want to, but he soon convinces her to take it. She comes out of the bathroom and Deacon wants to know, "Are you pregnant?"