The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 9/21/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 9/21/01

By Glynis

Brooke father has a talk with Massimo and he almost feels sorry for Stephanie. Because of him, Brooke will not be a part of Stephanie’s life anymore. Brooke’s father’s wife used to be in love with Eric a long time ago. Massimo has the man wrapped around his finger. Massimo has given him a card that he can use if he needs it. No one must know of Steven’s alliance to Massimo. Steven has to leave to catch his flight. Massimo will be in touch with him. Steve stops to look at the card in his pocket. He puts it in his wallet and wonders what Stephanie has gotten them all into?

Taylor is talking with Brooke trying to find out how she could alienate her father like that. She might not be able to make this up to her father later. Ridge is there to agree with everything that Taylor is saying. Brooke is not going with her father because of her feelings for Ridge. Ridge wants her to go to Paris, but Brooke doesn’t believe him. Her father needs her. Brooke thinks that Ridge needs her too. She wants to give him more than he has or wants. Steven enters the room and Ridge tells him that Brooke told them about his illness and he is very sorry. Steven is ready to go and wants his daughter to come with him now.

Stephanie and Eric meet Taylor and Ridge outside of Brooke’s office. Thorne comes up and they are all worried about the decision that Brooke is going to make about going to Paris or not. Meagan comes to Brooke to wish her the best. Thorne can’t believe that she is leaving. Steven says that he hated to do this to Brooke, but he had no choice. Thorne approaches Brooke and they say goodbye hugging each other. Stephanie wants her to leave immediately. Brooke goes to Ridge telling him that she doesn’t know when she is going to see him again. He hugs her close and Taylor stands by watching. Massimo stands in the background watching and Taylor feels his presence turning to see a satisfied look on his face before he walks away. What was that about? Brooke and her father get on the elevator and leave. Stephanie thinks that is good riddance to bad rubbish.

In the elevator, Brooke starts crying and Steven tries to comfort her. This is going to be a new start. He tells her to trust him. She does trust him. She wants everything to go just right. She cries on his shoulder.

Massimo is in Stephanie’s office when she walks in to thank him. She rushes into his arms, "Thank you, Hankyu Thank you…"

Taylor follows Ridge to his office. He is preparing some things for Brooke in Paris. He asks for some sketches and she sees the book that Brooke left for Ridge with pictures of them in it. Taylor looks through the book and she thinks that it is unbelievable the things that Brooke would go through to get Ridge. Taylor is glad that she is gone. Taylor has to go stop by her office before she picks up her kids. She leaves and Ridge goes over to the picture book to look at the picture facing him. He slowly flips the pages and remembers the times that he had with Brooke. It brings a smile to his face.

Steven and Brooke are on the plane together flying to Paris. What she is doing means a lot to him. It is very tough on her. She doesn’t mind, Ridge will be there when she gets back. Her father doesn’t want to hear that. She loves Ridge and that is who she is. Steven wants her to try and forget about Ridge. Her focus won’t be on Ridge in Paris; it will be on her father. Steven leaves her for a moment. She uses the time to think. Brooke decides to call him in the office. She tells him how she misses him already. He thinks that maybe everyone is right and that this is all for the best. She will never believe that because what is best for her is he. He tells her that he will be thinking about her. She hangs up with tears in her eyes… After he hangs up, Ridge goes to the book and closes it. On the floor, Ridge finds a business card for Massimo on the floor of the office.

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