The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 9/20/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 9/20/01

By Glynis 

Steven calls Brooke’s mother and tells her that things are much better. She can see that something is wrong, but he doesn’t give her the whole story. The job that he has to do is going to be difficult for him. He tells her that he has seen Brooke and she is throwing herself at Ridge again. He has to go now, but will talk with her more when he gets home.

Bridget has just heard the news about her grandfather being ill. Brooke says that she is going to try to get her father to stay there, but Rick and Bridget know that their grandfather was never really happy there. There is nothing holding her there way from her father but Ridge. Ridge is outside the door and he hears the children talking to their mother. Brooke is telling her kids that Ridge is going to come to her and she needs him. She is not the same person without him. Rick tries to tell her that maybe her leaving is for the best. Ridge enters the office and wants to talk with Brooke. Rick and Bridget leave them alone. She tells him that her children want her to leave. Ridge can’t make this happen for her and she knows that. He hugs her to give her strength. She can’t believe that he is going to let her go. She tells him that this is his decision. She wants to start a new life with him. She shouldn’t be thinking of him and her at this time. She has time with her father and that is a gift, she shouldn’t waste it. There are a lot of unresolved things to get through with her father. She thinks that this is an opportunity for her and her father. How is she going to get through this without him? Her father calls her to tell her that he just got off the phone with her mother. They are going to be home before she knows it. He is going to pick up his things and be out to get her. He wouldn’t be asking her to do this if he didn’t think that she needed to do this as well. He hangs up and she turns again to Ridge. He tells her that he will always be there for her. She decides that she can’t do this. She refuses to leave. Brooke has never hurt like this before. She will survive. Ridge is sure of that. In their darkest hours, they turned to each other. If all this is friendship, then why is Taylor so insecure? Ridge reminds her again that he loves his wife. Life is short and Brooke knows that now. She wants excitement and to be with the one person that loves her and understands her.

Taylor doesn’t think that a trip to Paris is going to make a difference. Brooke is going to figure this out eventually. Massimo thinks that Brooke is going to fall for someone else while she is away. Taylor doesn’t want to sink to Brooke’s level. Taylor knows what it is like to get a call about her father having heart problems. She wants nothing to do with this. Taylor leaves and Massimo does nothing. Massimo knows that Taylor loves her children and he is sure that Taylor will say nothing. He is sure of that. They make a deal that Stephanie will give him anything that he wants if he is right as he feels he is. He seems to think that he knows what people are going to do. He leaves but will meet up with her later. Stephanie prays that Taylor will not interfere. Her marriage may not survive this.

Massimo goes to see Brooke’s father and to make sure that he is going to go through with the plan. Steven doesn’t trust Massimo. Massimo points out that Brooke shouldn't come back to this country to be kept safe. Massimo give Steven one of his cards in case he needs more incentive to stick with the plan.

Taylor walks in and finds Brooke with her hands on Ridge again. Taylor starts yelling at Brooke again. Taylor makes fun of Brooke and the way that she says that she feels. Taylor thinks that she is using her father’s illness to get at Ridge. Taylor tells her to do something noble and go and be with her father. Taylor knows that Brooke will go nowhere if Ridge doesn’t tell her that. Brooke turns to Ridge and asks him to tell her to go to Paris. Ridge says nothing and Brooke thinks that proves that she is right once again. Brooke asks him once and for all, "Whom do you want to be with? Taylor or me?"