The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 9/18/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 9/18/01

By Glynis

Rick and Little D come back from the beach and find Amber waiting for them. Rick and Amber have a moment together and Amber looks up to see Deacon looking at them in the window. He is getting frustrated not knowing what to do about them thinking of having a baby. Amber reminds Rick that Deacon is coming to visit with Little Eric that day. Right on queue Deacon knocks on the door and comes in taking his child in his arms. Rick leaves to get to work. Rick is gone and Deacon starts in on Amber right away. He wants to know what she is going to do with Rick. Are they going to have a baby? She points out to him that Deacon is little D’s father and that will never be enough for Rick. She may already be pregnant. Deacon wants to know what they have been doing? She tells him that they can never be. No matter what they feel for each other, they are committed to other people. She thinks that they are stupid. They keep remembering each other. He is going crazy without her. He is touching her face now. He is powerless over this. Amber is sure that they have the strength to withstand. He asks her why she still has the tattoo on her body. He pushes her pants down slightly to look at the tattoo and sees it there. He is about to kiss her when Little D comes running up, "Daddy Look!" Deacon moves from her and picks up his son.

Massimo tells Stephanie that he is leaving town. He asks her for a kiss. He reminds her of a night in Geneva once long ago. They made love that night. Stephanie reminds him that he promised never to bring that up again. Seeing her again has peaked his thoughts of the past. It feels like yesterday. The memories may be sweet for him, but not for her. He reminds her of the way that Eric has treated her in the past. He is acting right now, but what is going to happen the next time that someone comes along. He is weak and Massimo would never treat her that way. He would give her the world. He just wants to touch her. She tells him that no one knows about the night that they spent together. She wants it to stay that way. She feels that it could still matter. He assures Stephanie that he has gotten rid of Brooke once and for all. He holds Stephanie’s shoulders and Eric shows up demanding to know what that man is doing in his house. He orders Massimo out of the house and Massimo leaves. Eric tells her that Massimo is not allowed in the house. She tells him that Massimo came to tell her that Brooke is leaving town. Massimo has walked around the back of the house and he listens as Eric and Stephanie talk of him. Eric doesn’t believe anything that Massimo has told Stephanie. He thinks that there are many reasons why Brooke wouldn’t leave town. This isn’t funny because Stephanie has bought into this. He is sure that Massimo is just coming on to her and she thinks that Eric is jealous. Eric doesn’t believe that. She thinks that he is insulting her and thinks that no other man would look at her. Eric tells her that Massimo hates him and would do anything to get close to Stephanie. She is very offended by the things that Eric seems to be saying. Eric thinks that Massimo knows how she feels and he knows how desperate she is to hear that Brooke is gone

Brooke’s father comes to see her and he has told her some terrible news. He tells her that he has a heart disease. She wants to talk to his doctor and her father feigns that there is a doctor. He tells her that he is dying and that there is nothing that they can do about that. He says that her mother is not there because she doesn’t know. He told Brooke because she is the strongest in the family and she can help the others accept his fate. Brooke breaks down and falls into her father’s arms. She tells him that they are going to call her mother and get on a plane to go and see some doctors. They will go to Paris first to see her mother. He tells her that they have to do things his way. He is not going to relocate. He doesn’t want to wait. He is not going to change his mind. He insists that she go to Paris with him. He tells her that this is the best for all involved. She continues crying and hugging her father.

The phone rings and Stephanie goes to it and it is Brooke. Brooke needs to talk to Eric. She wants Stephanie to tell him that she is going out of town. Stephanie is stunned at what she hears Brooke saying. She hangs up the phone and returns to Eric. She tells him that Brooke is leaving town and she believes that Massimo is responsible for that happening.