The Bold & The Beautiful Tuesday 9/5/00

B&B Update Wednesday 9/5/01  

By Glynis

Stephanie is telling Massimo how Brooke destroys their spirits but she is not going to be destroyed by Brooke. Stephanie hopes that Taylor can hold on to herself. Stephanie thinks that Ridge is vulnerable to Brooke but she thought that it was over. That didnít work either and Stephanie thought that was all that Brooke could do to the family. Stephanie wants to protect Taylor, but she doesnít know if she has the strength to fight this anymore. Massimo is sorry that this is happening. He hates seeing her suffer this way. Crisis after crisis. Stephanie has had a wonderful life and a great business. They used to have the world in their hands. The life that they had was filled with poetry and beauty. Stephanie thinks that she finally grew up. His mother loved her enthusiasm. His family always hoped that they would marry and they both went to the same University together and he hoped that they would marry but then she met Eric and everything changed. Stephanie fell in love and got pregnant. Massimo respected the decision that she made, but when does that sacrifice end? Maybe she has given up too much. She has given up a lot for Eric. She turned her life over to Eric. She financed him starting up his company. She felt that marriage was the thing to do when she got pregnant. She would never hurt Massimo. All the times that they shared were some of the happiest in her life. Still, nothing compares to the joy of her first child. Stephanie knew that she had made the right decision staying with Eric. She is a woman of integrity but he has seen her suffer year in and out because of Ericís mistakes with other women. Stephanie thinks that the problems with Eric are in the past and Massimo is not that much different. She knows that he has been seeing women over the years. Massimo on the other hand hasnít been married for a long time. He wishes that he had been able to share his life with Stephanie. Her children are grown and yet she is still dealing with the problems of Brooke Logan. He cannot remain silent any longer. She is not the lighthearted woman that he used to know. It is Ericís duty to protect and care for Stephanie. Why is Brooke running this company? Eric has failed and he has been making mistakes since the day Stephanie met him. All he did was leave Stephanie holding the bag. She has done everything to get Brooke out of her life and it is because Eric has let her down.

Rick is telling Amber that he wants to have another baby and he is doing it at the table while they are out with Deacon and Bridget. Rick was thinking that he wanted to give Little D a sibling at a young age. Deacon thinks that it is too soon for them to have a baby, but Bridget thinks that the idea is great. Rick is sorry that he didnít discuss this with Amber first, but he canít help thinking that this is the perfect time to be having another child with her. Rick thinks that it is the perfect time to have a baby. She is not sure that she wants to have another baby or not. Deacon thinks that they shouldnít rush into having a baby. She sees that he is excited and she thinks that they should talk about this another time. Bridget feels that they are all family and who knows they could start a trend. She cozies up to her husband and Amber looks terrified at her idea. Bridget has thought about that. She would like to give her husband another child. If they did have a baby, it wouldnít be Little Dís cousin; it would be more like his brother. Bridget sees some friends and she and Rick go to say hi. Amber and Deacon are left at the table together and Amber gets her little scared girl look. Deacon tells her that she canít have a baby now. It is time for a reality check. He thinks that he is the only one that can give his son a little sister. She seems to be considering this. She doesnít know what to think. He tells her that getting pregnant is not going to make her problems go away. He is sure that they canít ignore the feelings that they have for each other. They love their spouses but jumping into fatherhood is not the way to avoid each other. This is a life long commitment. Rick is her husband and he wants to have a baby with her, but there seems to be a problem with that. Deacon tells her that she is going to be linked to Rick forever if she does this. Rick returns and tells Amber to go and see their friend. He wants to introduce her to someone. Deacon begs her again not to do this. She gets up from the table and walks away.

Eric is telling Taylor that he feels that Massimo is still in love with Stephanie. He is always up to something. Eric is hoping that Massimo doesnít find out that Stephanie is back in town. Meagan calls and tells Eric some news. He gets worried immediately. Massimo is in the building and Eric didnít want him there. "Dammit!" Eric walks to Stephanieís office and he hears Massimo talking to his wife telling her what a useless husband Eric has been for her. He walks in and tells Massimo that is enough. He told Massimo over and over to stay away from Stephanie. Eric walks up to Massimo and punches him dead in the face. Massimo tells him that was a mistake. It was a very bad mistake. There is blood dribbling down Massimoís mouth.

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