The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 8/31/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 8/31/01

By Glynis

Taylor is freaking out. Eric tells her that she has nothing to worry about. He is sure that Ridge will take care of Brooke. He has never seen Taylor like this before. He doesn’t want Stephanie to see Taylor like this and she doesn’t need to be upset first thing. Eric is going to tell Stephanie the news with Taylor around freaking out. Stephanie peeks in the door and Eric goes to her and hugs her. He twirls her around and kisses her. Eric looks at Taylor over her shoulder hoping that she will calm down. Stephanie goes to Taylor and hugs her. She is so glad that Brooke is out of their lives and she is happier than she ever has been. Taylor knows what she is talking about. Stephanie wants to know how things have been. She can tell that there is something wrong and Eric is not going to tell her what is going on. Eric tells her that there was a problem, but they have it under control. Eric tells her that the problem is with Brooke again. Stephanie tells her that they shouldn’t worry, Brooke has been through all of the men in the family. Taylor tells Stephanie that Brooke is on the warpath again and she is going to do anything to get Ridge back. She told Taylor that she would go right over her family to get to Ridge. Stephanie is sure that they can stop Brooke. She tells Taylor to go home and Stephanie will take care of her.

Ridge has to do a fitting and Brooke is in her lingerie ready to be fitted. She is sitting on the bed and wanting him to sit with her. She loves to get him into compromising positions. He looks over some pictures of him and her and he is glad that no one will be seeing the pictures. She thinks that people will like the pictures. She knew that he wouldn’t go for the pictures, but she was hoping anyway. He knows what is going on. This is a rebound thing and he is sure of that. She denies that. She thinks that he keeps coming to her, but she thinks that it has nothing to do with work. She has been making things hard on him. She is trying to be serious, but it is really hard for her to focus. She tells him that she will get back to work then. She blindfolds herself and turns to him telling him that she is feeling kind of kinky. He tells her that she looks really hot. He takes the ends of the blindfold and ties them over her mouth.

Kristen is in Antonio’s office and she is hugging him and telling him that being with him feels right. That is all that matters. She doesn’t know what she is saying. She is telling him that she loves him. He is the same man that she fell in love with. HE reminds her that he is sick and he is alone. She tells him that she loves him and he will always love her. She holds him again. He pushes her away. She tells him that she needs to be with him. They need to be together. He can’t let her do this to herself. She feels that he can’t stop her from loving him. She hugs him close and once again, he can’t push her away. She is going to be there for him.

Ridge comes to see his father and finds Taylor there. Ridge doesn’t want to tell his mother about what has been going on. Too late. Brooke is getting a visit from Stephanie right now. Ridge thinks that Stephanie is going to make things worse because Brooke is very vulnerable right now. Taylor doesn’t care how vulnerable Brooke is.

Brooke is in her office with the blindfold on her forehead and she is still prancing around with the negligee on. She puts the blindfold back on her head and hears someone has come in. She thinks that it is Ridge, but it is Stephanie. Brooke walks over to her and touches her with a boa of feathers. She wraps the feathers tightly around Brooke’s neck and Brooke gets uncomfortable. She removes the blindfold and is shocked at seeing Stephanie standing before. Stephanie tells Brooke that she had better stay away from Ridge or there is going to be trouble for her. They have played this game for a long time. Brooke tells Stephanie that she is not fighting for Stephanie’s acceptance anymore. No one can keep her from being with Ridge.

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