The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 8/30/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 8/30/01

By Glynis 

Bridget comes in to talk to her mother. She has a problem. She just spoke to Taylor and she wants her mother to tell her that she is not going after Ridge again. She told Taylor that she was going to break up their family. Brooke admits that she meant every word of what she said to Taylor. She canít believe that her mother isnít even sorry. Bridget knows that Ridge will never leave his family for her. She is going to make the same mistake over again. Brooke understands why her daughter feels this way. Brooke believes that she would still be married to Ridge if it wasnít for Taylor and Stephanie. It was wrong for her to marry Thorne. Ridge is the only man that she has ever loved. She shouldnít chase after married men. Brooke was honest with the way that she feels. She thinks that there is nothing wrong with that. Bridget canít believe that she has to tell her mother how wrong this is. She acts like she doesnít care about Taylorís children. Divorce is difficult on children. Ridge and Taylor are feeling bad. Brooke knows that Ridge doesnít have the passion in his marriage that he could have with her. He never had that with Taylor. Brooke doesnít want her to worry. This whole family is going to come down on her if she gets with Ridge again. Stephanie is not going to stand for this. Heads are going to roll.

Kristen checks her message and Antonio has left her none. She wants to be sure that he is doing all right. Eric comes in ready to go to lunch with her. Eric wants to know if she has been speaking to Clarke. Eric is glad that Clarke came by to see her. He wanted to ask her out and Eric thinks that is good for her. She finds it funny that Clarke is in her good books. Eric thinks that she should have gone on the trip with her mother. Antonio isnít even returning her calls. She canít just shut off her feelings. It is going to be hard for her to forget about him. Eric offers to go by and check on him for her. Eric is relieved that Antonio isnít going to call her anymore. HE knows that a phone call isnít going to be enough for Kristen. They are two adults that are attracted to each other. They are both vulnerable. She canít abandon him in the worst crisis of her life. HE didnít abandon Stephanie when she needed him. She canít have a family with him. Eric is sorry and he hates that she feels like this. He canít make things better. To have a better life she is going to have to accept what he is saying. She canít believe how much she hurts being without Antonio. Eric thinks that she is in the fantasy stage of the relationship. Her family will help her get over Antonio. She is going to get through this. Eric promises her that. She cries on his shoulder.

Antonio is picking up Kristenís messages of her begging him to call her. She needs to hear his voice. Clarke comes to see him. Clarke thinks that he has been doing fine work, but Antonio doesn't think so. Clarke tells him that Kristen is doing fine. He just spoke to her. Kristen is depressed because she cares for Antonio so much. Clarke tells him that he cares for Kristen too. Clarke reveals that he asked Kristen to marry him. Clarke did it because he is in love with her. Antonio finds that strange considering that they havenít talked a lot. Clarke thinks that there is no reason to wait anymore. She hasnít given him a reason not to marry him yet. She was madly in love with Clarke at one time. Antonio thinks that he is taking advantage of the situation. Clarke doesnít think so. He wants her to be happy. Antonio canít be the one for Kristen anymore. Antonio thinks that maybe Clarke is right. Clarke doesnít want him to reach out to her. That would be the worst thing that he can do. He shouldnít reach out to her. He should just let her go. Antonio knows that Clarke means well. He doesnít want to stand in the way of her happiness. They seem to understand each other. Clarke leaves to get to work. Antonio knows that Kristen will not be with Clarke, but she will be with someone. How is he going to live with that? He gets to work and someone comes into he office. It is Kristen. He turns to see her standing there. He tells her that she shouldnít be there. They have already been through this over and over. She wants to know why he is doing this. What he is trying to do is not working. She hates this. She hates being away from him. She knows that he is sick and that they canít have the life that they wanted, but she canít take wondering how he is every second of the day. He needs her too. She will leave if he wants her to and she will find a way to get through this. She wants him to look in her eyes and tell her what he wants. He is crying now and he canít send her away. He hugs her and she crises, but they are the tears of happiness. Kristen thinks that this is the right thing. This is where she wants to be. They hold each other.