The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 8/29/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 8/29/01

By Glynis

Bridget is finding out from Taylor that her mother is making moves on Ridge. Bridget canít believe this is happening. Maybe her mother has just been flirting with Ridge. She wouldnít her Taylorís kids like that. Bridget thinks that her mother is out of control. Brooke needs help. All she cares for is getting Ridge back. Bridget is sure that Brooke will get the message and learn that she can never have Ridge. Bridget can see that Taylor is very worried. Taylor admits that she thinks that Brooke is over the edge. Bridget wants to know how she can get her mother to stop. Taylor doesnít want Bridget mixed up in the problems that she has with Brooke. Bridget knows that her mother is searching for something and she never really found it. She is in for a lot more pain the way that she is going. Stephanie is going to freak when she returns and finds out that Brooke is after Ridge again.

Sally is trying to get Antonio to move his ass again and get back to work. She is sure that is what he needs to get back in the spirit for things. Sally brings him into his office and he is bowled over. The staff is there waiting for him. They all welcome him back to work. Things have really been dull without Antonio there. They all hug each other, as they are glad to see him back at work. It is fiesta time. They have food and wine available in the lounge and everyone is invited. They are going to party together. Sophia is really glad to see him there. Antonio loves the staff. They are a wonderful group. He reminds them that they donít even know him. Sally and Darla told the staff that he has HIV. He gets suddenly angry at them deciding to tell the staff about his illness. They try to convince him that they are all there for him. He doesnít want to come off ungrateful, but they donít know what it is like for something like this to happen to you when you are so young. He doesnít think that the can concentrate on work with all of this going on. He just canít. Sally sends Darla along to see to the people at the party. She is going to talk some sense into Antonio. Sally finds him determined to spend the rest of his life feeling sorry for himself. Sensitivity is not what he needs right now. She knows that he has a tough road ahead of him, but who said that life wasnít tough. Welcome to the real world. For him it is HIV, for her it is the death of her daughter. The true measure of someoneís character is how they deal with life and he is lacking. He is not doing his best. He should have courage all the time. What he is doing doesnít take guts and courage. If he wants to pack it in, he can go ahead. They will find someone else. Sally is determined to make things happen. She always makes things happen. She loves to fight. She asks him again, "What are you going to do Antonio?" He is not sure that he can create anymore. Her whole life is in this business, but it is a good life and it has saved her life more than once. The crazy business and employees gave her a reason to go on living more than once. And here he is looking for a reason to go on. All he has to do is reach out and take life. He canít make his own obituary. She asks him again. "What is it going to be?" He tells her, "Thank youÖNow get out of here and let me get back to work." She goes to get the troops to start working. Once left in his office her looks around and sees the materials that he needs. He looks at everything on his desk and then he sees the picture of Kristen on his desk and he reaches out to it and knocks it face down. His phone rings and he goes to answer it.

Clarke has just brought Kristen a ring and asked her to marry him. She finds him to be a dear sweet friend and the ring is great. It is really huge. He bought it on the way there. She questions if the ring is real. He tells her to say yes and he will buy her a real ring that she can be proud of. They will be a real team. He loves her so and he could make her happy if she let him. She hasnít laughed this much sinceÖ. A long time. He wants her to think of the future. It could be as bright as her eyes. All she has to do is say yes. She gives him his ring back. She knows that Antonio has HIV, but that doesnít mean that her feelings have changed. She should be helping Antonio through this. Clarke doesnít want to pressure her. He wants to be her Plan B. He can live with anything as long as she is there for him. He will always put her first and he will not be happy unless she is happy. She goes to him and hugs him close to her.

Kristen calls Antonio at the office. She wants to be there for him. He needs her and she needs him very badly. He told her not to call. She begs him. She will never have the relationship that they had with anyone else. She cries on the phone for him to help her get through this. He tells her that he canít love her and give her what she needs. He has nothing to bring to her life. She begs him not to turn her away. He tells her again that she needs to move on with her life. He tells her to go and live her life. He hangs up on her. She puts the phone down and cries to herself over her need for him and her love for him.