The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 8/28/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 8/28/01

By Glynis

Amber and Rick take Little Dís temperature and he is just fine. Bridget and Rick go to get some donuts and coffee. Deacon and Amber are left alone once again. Soon the four of them and Little D are having donuts and coffee. Rick is glad that Deacon was there to be with Amber while he was away. Bridget things that they should all go out dancing that night. Amber doesnít really want to go, but Rick thinks that it is a good idea. Rick asks Deacon what he thinks.

Kristen thinks of Tonyís last words to her and Eric comes to learn that Tony hasnít called. He is sorry but relieved at the same time. He hugs his daughter.

Clarke arrives at the Forester home. He remembers being there with Kristen when he love her. Maybe he will have a second chance with her now. He knocks on the door and she opens to him. She doesnít want to have any visitors right now. He brought her a lattť and she takes it from him and lets him in. He tries to make conversation with her but she is not in the mood for chitchat. He tells her that this is a meaningful conversation. He tells her that he has had an empty place in his heart from her since she left him. She wishes that she felt the same way. His secret is not to feel anything. If you do, you start hurting and you wake everyday alone wondering what could have been. He used to do that. Nobody thinks that he is ever serious. He is good at hiding his feelings. He never really got over them breaking up. She doesnít need to hear this right now. She will not get over Tony until she moves in another direction with another man. She canít get with another man right now. Clarke is sure that she has to start over. She has too much to give. He canít go to work everyday thinking about her crying at home everyday. She finds him sweet. He tells her that she was the only woman that he ever loved and he might have been with her if not for his stupidity so many years ago. Clarke wants to share a life with Kristen. He wants her to marry him. She turns to look at him and he is holding a ring in his hand extended towards her.

Sally visits Antonio and tells him what her pain has been like hearing of her daughterís death. Antonio is down but he didnít mean to diminish her loss. He has a medical condition and he can work with that. There are many like him. It doesnít have to be the end of anything for him. It can be the beginning of the most challenge of his life. That was how he was when he came to Spectra. She knows that he can be a success in life for years to come. He has to go on or fade away in self-pity. HE is not that kind of man. He fights for what he wants and she wants to be there. She will be beside him and be there to fight every war. He hugs her close to him. They make an agreement that he will try and get it together. She tells him to go and get cleaned up so that she can show him something at Spectra. He was thinking about someone and she knows that he was thinking of Kristen. The thought of her with another man is something that he canít deal with.