The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 8/27/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 8/27/01

By Glynis

Eric talks to Ridge about controlling Brooke. Ridge wants to know who was in Eric’s office earlier. That was Massimo. HE used to date Stephanie a long time ago. Eric doesn’t know what Massimo wants but Eric doesn’t want him there. There are rumors that he is linked to organized crime. Eric wants him away from his family.

Massimo is out having coffee and he sees Taylor sitting by herself. She is thinking of her confrontation with Brooke earlier over her children. Brooke told her that she was never going to go away. Massimo interrupts her and tells her that he was at Forester Creations earlier. He lets her know that he saw her argument earlier and he thought that she acted appropriately. He sits with her. He feels that she did her best to make her point. He thinks that she should be more forceful with Brooke and he believes that would be best. She asks him who he is. He explains that he is an old friend of Stephanie and she is out of town. She isn't usually this emotional, but her family is being threatened. He asks her if she knows about the Hummingbird. She does, they have them in the backyard. He tells her that the bird is very threatening. They will even attack a bear. His point is that when one Hummingbird is called upon to defend his family, he will do what he or she feels is best for his family. Massimo himself has had to save his family and he did whatever he had to at that time. When your family under seize, there is no negotiation. All there is, is revenge. She feels that he is talking in the extreme. She is sure that Ridge is capable of falling for Brooke’s schemes. He tells her to be a Hummingbird. Everything that she holds dear is at stake. She has never met anyone like him in her life. HE thinks that everyone should control his or her own destiny. He wouldn’t leave his destiny in anyone’s hands but his own. He is going to go and he wishes her good luck. She is left alone with her thoughts.

Amber and Deacon are happy that Little D is feeling better and they get caught up in a moment together and end up kissing on the bed. She loves it. She jumps up suddenly though and tells Deacon that he has to get out of there. He gets up, walks to her and kisses her again, then leaves.

Ridge goes to see Brooke and she is not upset at all that Taylor is mad at her. Brooke feels that she is bringing a reality check to everything that has been happening. HE tells her that she is the one that needs a reality check. He wants to know what proof she has that they are supposed to be together. She shows him a book tied with a bow. She opens the book and there are pictures in there of the both of them at various places together. Ridge smiles at her as he remembers. Then she shows him a picture of their wedding and it all comes flooding back…when he first met her when she was working for the caterer…the way that she used to seduce him with lingerie…Ridge looking into her eyes and placing a ring on her finger…they had many warm moments together…kissing by the fireplace…the way she looked the day of their wedding riding in on a horse…the kiss at the wedding…the other wedding that they had together and that famous wedding band…There are tears in Brooke’s eyes from remembering and Ridge can’t help but smile at the memories. She wishes that they had their head on straight all those years ago. She is sure that he thinks of the future that they used to have. She wants him to forget about what is right and wrong and listen to his heart. He seems to be really thinking of what she is saying to him. She gets the book and she gives it to him. She wants him to remember everything that they meant to each other all those years ago. This book is sacred. He takes the book and walks to the door with it. He then turns and puts it on a nearby table…then he leaves. There are new tears in her eyes.

Bridget says good bye to her friend and returns to tell Deacon that she feels like taking a shower. She would like him to take one with her, but he declines telling her that he will meet her in bed later. She leaves the room and he picks up the phone and calls Amber who answers. Deacon apologizes for kissing her earlier. She is horrified at what happened earlier. Her husband is out of town for one night and she is making out with another man. Maybe Brooke is right and she is white trash. They both swear that this will not happen again. He has one more thing to say. He tells her that he still loves her and he can’t take it. He hangs up the phone, and then she hangs up the phone. He turns to the doorway to make sure that he hasn’t been found out and he hasn’t.