The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 8/24/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 8/24/01

By Glynis

Brooke talks to Meagan and Meagan is not in agreement with her going after Ridge yet again. Brooke is sure that Ridge belongs with her. Meagan is sure that Ridge can’t leave his family. He is devoted to them. What would be better for the children? To see their parents together or to see them happy? Brooke is going to come up with something. Ridge’s babysitter enters with Ridge’s children and she invites them in telling them that she has a surprise for them. The sitter is looking for Ridge. She has candy in her desk and she gives them all some. They thank Brooke for the candy. She asks the kids if they would like to come and visit her sometime. She knows that they want to start eating the lollipops. She opens up the candy and lets them have it right away. The sitter and Meagan watch her not sure what they are looking at.

Eric talks to a man who will be staying in town for a while. He is in the business and Eric doesn’t like him very much. He has been in touch with Stephanie for years. She is a dear friend of his for years. The man knows everything that Eric has put her through. The marriages and the betrayal. Stephanie needed someone that she could trust and depend on. He was there for her then and he will be there for her now. He can’t stay away from her. The man will be staying in town and opening a business there. He wants to relocate to California. The man thinks that the troubles that Stephanie has had to go through are deplorable. Eric says that Stephanie is not in pain. Stephanie is the man’s friend and he is concerned. His name is Massimo and Eric tells him that he is running a business and that Massimo has to leave right away.

Little D is sick and Deacon phones Bridget at home to tell her that the tot is sick and that he has to stay with Amber. Bridget is fine with that. Amber appreciates him being there with her. Little D has a fever and Amber panics. She is scared and Deacon hugs her to make her feel better. The little boy means everything to them. They have to be patient. Deacon tells the boy that everything is going to be okay. The fever finally breaks and they realize that he is going to be just fine. They couldn’t stand anything happening to their son. They are looking into each other’s eyes and seeing each other closely.

Taylor is freaking out. She thinks that she can be a stepmother to the children. Taylor will not be responsible for what she might do if Brooke cannot be held under control.

Taylor walks into Brooke’s office and finds Brooke feeding her children candy. She makes her take the candy back and she gets the kids out of there. Brooke and Taylor are alone and Taylor goes to her desk. She throws the things off the desk. Taylor tells her to leave her children alone. She knows what Brooke is trying to do. She tells her that the next time that Brooke tries to get near her children, she will be sorry. Brooke walks away from her and goes into the hall. Taylor tells her that she is not to walk away from her. Taylor follows her down the hall and Brooke turns and tells Taylor that all she has to do is let Ridge go and then she will gladly stay out of her life. Massimo is in the hall and witnesses the screaming match between the two ladies. Ridge appears and grabs his wife as she is going to lunge for Brooke. She holds her back and tells Brooke to get out of there. Brooke walks off as if Taylor is crazy and Taylor tells her husband that he has to do something about her.

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