The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 8/21/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 8/21/01

By Glynis

Amber and Deacon are upset because Amber spiked the punch and Bridget seems to be drinking it and having the time of her life. Deacon tells her that Bridget is having fun and they shouldn’t worry. Amber is worried about Rick finding out that his sister is drunk. Amber wants to come up with a plan to get the booze out of the house. Deacon intervenes. He goes into the house and stops Bridget from drinking so that he can dance with her. Rick comes up to Amber and hugs her. They watch as Bridget dances around. Rick is glad that they decided to have the party. He knows that they still have some things to work out with Deacon and Bridget. Rick thinks that they could be good for support for Deacon and Bridget. She is surprised to hear him say that. She asks him if he is happy. Rick tells her that when he looks back at the things that he could have done the only thing that he regrets is losing her the first time. He knows that he is so lucky to have her back. She reaches for him and holds him close… Inside the house, Deacon is dancing with his wife and she tells him that things are so perfect. She loves being with him. It is going to work after all. She thinks back to all the craziness with Amber and now it is all a memory. She closes her eyes and leans on him… Ginger goes to Amber and tells her that she did nice work pouring the booze into the punch. She reports that Deacon is dancing with Bridget right now. Amber doesn’t seem very happy with that. She tries to act as if the dancing doesn’t bother her, but Ginger knows better. Amber says that she hasn’t thought of Deacon sexually in months. Ginger is not buying anything that Amber is saying. How long is this going to go on. Amber reminds her friend that she is dedicated to her marriage. Ginger knows that she is trying to convince herself.

Ridge is in the steam room with Brooke and they talk about Ridge’s marriage. Brooke knows that Taylor is very attracted to Ridge and she understands why. Taylor is very passionate, but she doesn’t have the freedom and creativity that Brooke used to have with Ridge. Taylor is someone that makes sure that the dry cleaning is done and the kids are shiny and clean. She knows that Taylor isn’t very impulsive. She is a scientist and she lives for her work. She must not talk about her work with Ridge. Brooke can tell that she hit a button in Ridge. She continues telling him that they would have openness and they wouldn’t have to filter their words. Nothing would have to be hidden with Brooke and Ridge.

Taylor is at the office after talking with Thorne and she sits in Ridge’s chair and decides to make a call to Meagan. She wants to know where her husband is and learns that he is in the steam room. She gets an idea, thinking that the steam room might just be perfect.

It is night now and Deacon climbs into bed with Bridget. Everything is spinning for her. Amber comes up to the door and peeks in. She sees Deacon with Bridget. Bridget tells Deacon that she is thinking something and asks him to guess. They start kissing and Deacon turns and finds Amber peeking in the door. She sees him looking at her, but she doesn’t move.

Brooke is still in the steam room with Ridge and she is trying to convince him that marriage is about more than he has with Taylor. He has to get out of there. She holds him back and asks him if he can feel it. The need. She wants him so badly that it hurts. She dares him to tell her that he doesn’t feel the electricity. She can see right through him. She tells him that it will all work out if he follows his instincts and passions. She wants him to give into it. They haven’t been together for so long. Ridge asks her what she wants from him? She wants more. She wants him to leave his wife. She wants him to marry her. He just looks into her eyes. She touches his face…