The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 8/20/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 8/20/01

By Glynis

Ridge gets a visit from his wife at the office. He left for work without saying goodbye to her. She tells him that he is overreacting. He feels that Kristen could have been hurt by her not telling that Antonio has AIDS. She wants them to agree that they disagree. She wanted to tell him the truth. He thinks that they are partners above all else. He wonders where the trust is.

Brooke gets a visit from Thorne and he reminds her that Ridge has a family and 3 kids. He doesn’t want her to destroy that. He thinks that she has changed. She tells him that he is partly responsible for her changing. Everybody wants a bite out of her. He wants her to think about Taylor and her children. She does care for Taylor’s kids.

Ridge goes to take a steam bath at work and he tells himself to sweat it out because he has earned it. Later he will go home to his wife and make up. Brooke walks in wearing a towel. He wants to know what she is doing in there. She suggests that they talk about his problem with Taylor. He refuses and gets up to leave, but she stops him making a crack that she gets to him. He admits that she does get to him and she is naked. She doesn’t want him to go, not yet. She strokes his face and he suddenly seems afraid.

Deacon is barbecuing and he gets lost in a dream…It is foggy and nighttime and Amber reaches out to Deacon and he walks over to her and kisses her lips. Someone shouts out to him to watch his cooking, he is burning the food. Amber sees him as she dances with Rick. Amber goes into the house and goes into the liquor cabinet. She grabs some booze and opens it. She spikes the punch being careful not to let anyone see her do it. Deacon walks in and finds Amber with the bottle and tells her that spiking the punch is against the rules. He gets rid of the bottle and they decide to take a drink. She asks him what he was thinking earlier at the grill. He denies that he knows what she is talking about. Bridget walks in and asks about the punch. Bridget takes a drink and likes what she tastes.