The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 8/16/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 8/16/01

By Glynis 

Sally canít accept that Antonio isnít feeling good. She wants to send him to an island to rest. He tells her that there will not be another collection from him. Sophia tries to get him to think about what he is saying about his career. Sally canít believe that he doesnít care anymore. He tells Sally that he quits. Sally refuses to accept Antonio quitting. He has saved her company and that matters. IT matters to the employees there and they live for the company. Sally wants these collections to be a success. This is for her daughter dying by the Forestersí hands. This just doesnítí seem important to him anymore. People die all the time he thinks. This angers Sally and he apologizes. To her, she was worth 1,000 of him. She tells him to get out of there and get out of her building. She tells him that she wouldnít have him working for her if his life depended on it. Antonio leaves and Sophia goes running after him. Sally wonders what is going on and she cries about her wonderful Macy. Clarke comes in and he tries to smooth things over for Sally. He thinks that he knows what Antonio is going through. This isnít about Kristen. Antonio is going through a lot. He was supposed to say nothing, but this is getting out of hand. He is worried about himself. Sally thinks that what Clarke is saying are ludicrous. Clarke tells her that Antonio has tested positive for HIV. Sally suddenly understands.

Kristen is talking to her father and she tells him that Antonio is HIV positive and that is why she is not able to be with him anymore. He thinks that Antonio was putting her life in danger. She tells him that he is off the mark. Antonio cares for her more than he cares for himself. Eric realizes that he is being silly and he apologizes. He was just so scared when she told him the news. He feels that he should still be worried. He knows his daughter and she is a sweet girl with a tender heart. She loves Antonio and he knows that. He is scared that she is going to reach out to him. He doesnít want her to do that. He thinks that things can get out of control. Look how far things have gone already. He is not going to have Kristenís life in his hands. Eric wants her to tell him that she is never going to see Tony again. She canít do that. Eric turns and goes to the door. She runs after him, but he is gone.

Antonio goes home and he is alone again. He walks through the room. He finds something that smells like Kristen and he remembers her immediately. There is knocking at the door and he goes to answer it. It is Eric wanting to speak to him. He enters and Antonio closes the door. Antonio guesses that Eric has spoken to Kristen. Eric knows everything. Eric is sorry for everything that he is going through. Eric tells him that he is worried about his daughter and that Antonio has been very protective of her. Eric thinks that Antonio could have killed his daughter with a careless moment. Eric tells Antonio that his relationship with Kristen is over. He wants no more contact with Kristen.