The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 8/13/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 8/13/01

By Glynis

Amber, Bridget, Rick and Deacon are sitting talking at the party at the Foresters. Deacon tells Rick that he couldnít be happier and to prove it, he leans over and kisses Bridget. Amber has some trouble watching that. She goes and gets Little Eric to say goodnight to his daddy. She puts the child down and he runs instinctively to Deacon calling out ĎDaddy", on the way. Amber, Bridget and Rick watch that and feel badly for Rick.

Antonio is trying to tell Kristen about his HIV. She is starting to suspect that something is terribly wrong. Ridge walks in and calls the two to come to dinner. Kristen tells Ridge to go away. Ridge suspects that something is wrong. Kristen asks him to leave. Ridge presses for more information and Antonio realizes that he canít do this right now. He walks past Ridge and leaves. Kristen turns to her brother and tells him that he should have just left them. She leaves after Antonio and Ridge tells the story to his parents and Taylor. Taylor is trying to cover and the family is trying to pull together what has just happened and the strange behaviour of their guest.

Taylor goes off to think. She knows that Kristen has to be told that night of Antonioís HIV.

Antonio gets home and packs his bags. He is ready to go. He has to leave a note for Kristen and starts writing when she bursts into his home. She demands an explanation from him. First he talks of marriage and children and now he is telling her that things are not going to work out. What on earth is going on with him? He tells her that it canít be him that gives her the life that she wants to have. She demands to know what is happening. He tells her that he made a mistake that he canít take back. He is sure that she is going to hate him when she learns the truth. She will always love him no matter what. It doesnít matter what he did. He is crying now. He wonders if she could really care for him after he tells her what he has to say. She has to know. She pleads with him. He agrees to let her know. He starts with being in Miami and learning something. He learned the most terrifying news that he ever heard in his life. He heard it from his doctor. He is sick. The doctor gave him a blood test and it came back positive. She wants to know what the test was for. He tells her that the test was for HIV and he is HIV positive. Kristenís mouth drops open. She wasnít expecting that.