The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 8/10/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 8/10/01

By Glynis

Stephanie is talking to the family saying how wonderful things are for them. Stephanie is going on a vacation because she is sure that the family can take care of themselves. This is the decision that she has made. She would like to take a break from looking after the family. Taylor is smiling, but she can’t help thinking about her problems.

Amber and Deacon are at the family party talking over the food. They are joking together as Rick and Bridget talk from afar. Bridget finds it weird that her mother and Thorne are not there. Kristen would like to make an announcement. She is going to be staying in LA for a very long time. She thinks that this is going to be a great place for her to be. She thanks Tony for teaching her the value of family and what life is about. She is sure that there is going to be more parties in the future. They all clink glasses and she hugs Antonio. Antonio feels that she is giving him too much credit. They are special people and he is important to them too. Kristen has showed him happiness that he couldn’t even imagine. She has made his life worthwhile. Taylor watches from the sidelines. Every minute for Antonio is significant and unique. He is happy to be included in the party that night. He is brought to tears… Deacon tells Eric that he is throwing a very nice party. He likes that they like to talk about their feelings. Eric thinks that Deacon should have listened to Brooke about her feelings. Eric tells him that he is being watched and no one is going to hurt his children… Antonio walks off to be alone and Taylor follows him. She thought that what he said was beautiful. He can’t believe what Kristen said. In a few minutes, all her dreams are going to change. Everything is going to be gone. Taylor can’t believe that he is going to break the news to Kristen now. He wants to do it now so that she will have support when she finds out. He watches her walk around and he knows that this is the time to approach her with the news. Taylor tries to stop him, but he will not be stopped… Kristen goes to the patio and looks out and Antonio comes up behind her and calls her name. She tells him that her parents said that she could sneak out early if she wants. He doesn't want to leave yet; there is something that he would like to tell her first. His hands are shaking. He tells her to look into her eyes. He loves her and he loves her with everything in his heart. There is nothing more that he wants than a life with her. He thought that they could even have a clothing house of their own. That is the life that he wants for them and they deserve that. He has always been trying to live with integrity and he has always been honest. He suddenly gets angry with himself for not being able to tell her what she needs to know. She tells him that he shouldn’t be terrified. She has no idea though what he is trying to say to her. She sees that he is shaking. He has been jumpy all night. She doesn’t understand. She thinks that he is trying to tell her that he wants to get married. He admits that he does want to get married. She thinks that it is a proposal. She wants it right away. She is sure that he is the only man for her. There is nothing stopping them. He moves away from her, not believing what is happening. He tells her that he didn’t come there to propose to her. There is something else that he has to tell her that he should have weeks ago. It is the worst news possible. "What is it Tony? What are you trying to tell me?"

Sophia talks with Clarke and he finds out that Tony is HIV positive and Clarke is afraid that Kristen is going to get infected too. Clarke wants to know about Kristen’s reaction to Antonio having HIV. He learns that Kristen doesn’t know that he is HIV positive.

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