The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 8/9/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 8/9/01

By Glynis 

Stephanie comes to see Brooke and she is as sarcastic as ever. She is glad that her son has figured this slut out before too much more damage was done. Brooke really doesn’t have time for this. The marriage was a mistake from the beginning. Stephanie tells her that they are going to have a party later on that night. Stephanie tells her that from now on, she is never going to set foot in her house again. She is not invited to the party. Brooke has burned her bridges with everyone in her family. Stephanie tells Brooke that when she gets to Paris she should consider staying there. Stephanie is worried about the press finding out what Brooke has done yet again. Brooke knows that she is happy that the marriage broke up. Stephanie thinks that this should have been avoided from the beginning. Brooke thinks that she may be right. Maybe she shouldn’t have married Thorne. She thought that she could be happy with Thorne and she was until he found out that she didn’t really love him right. It didn’t work. It failed. Brooke has screwed up every opportunity to get into the family. Stephanie tells her again that Brooke’s life as a Forester is over. Brooke leaves the office and tells herself that this time she is going to do it right. She is going to start over with Ridge.

Ridge is at work remembering the words that Brooke said; "Everyday that I live without you is like a day where I shouldn’t have lived at all…. I love you and I will always love you." He stops the memories of his thoughts and gets back to work. Taylor enters looking for her husband. She has brought him his notes for his meeting. He thanks her for taking time out of her busy schedule for him. He offers to lock the door, but this is not going to be one of those visits. She has patients that need to see her. He tells her that night they are going to put the children to bed and spend some time together. They are going to a party instead later that night. She leaves and promises to see him later.

Antonio is visiting with his doctor and Taylor and he is getting drugs to help slow the progression of the disease. He has to keep his immune system clean. All the drugs have side effects. Some of the medicine that he is seeing is just for the side effects alone. These drugs make it hard for the disease to reproduce. HIV destroys T-cells and if he gets too weak that is when he will get the AIDS. The doctor wants to check his viral load and T-Cells to see where he starts. Once he starts taking these drugs, he will have to make a commitment that he will have to keep for the rest of his life. Taylor feels that Tony needs a little time to absorb all that he has learned that day. The doctor leaves and Taylor sits with Tony. This is going to be Antonio’s life now. Taylor tells him that he is only treating his disease. He can’t miss one dose of the pills forever. Things are going to be different. He has to look at life differently. Antonio thinks that he doesn't have love in his life anymore. Kristen is not going to want to be with him anymore. They were very intimate and he is worried that he may have given Kristen the disease. The chances are minute that he has infected Kristen, but he still has to tell her that she needs to get tested. Antonio realizes that he has to tell Kristen right away that he is ill.

Brooke goes to see Ridge in his office. She is leaving for Paris and she has come to say goodbye. There are a lot of ugly rumors going around about she and Ridge. She is sure that they are going to be together. Ridge is very skeptical. He warns her not to talk too loud about her ideas or someone may hear her. There is another reason that she is going to Paris. She removes her dress and stands before him in her bra and panty set. Ridge can’t help himself and stops to stare. This is like old times with them. He thinks that she has lost her mind. She can see into the future and she can see him and her and candlelit dinners and lots of crazy passionate sex. He tells her to take a cold shower before she goes to Paris. He tells her that if she doesn’t put her dress on, he is going to leave. He turns to the door to open it and she begs him not to leave. He turns again and she throws her bra right into his face. She stands before him topless and tells him that she wants him to have a little something to remember while she is away. He walks out of the office and smiles to himself.