The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 7/16/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 7/16/01

By Glynis


Antonio and Kristen are out at a fancy restaurant and he takes her out to the lobby. He tells her that she shouldnít tease her. She dares him to do something about it. It isnít fair for her to be teasing him in a public place. She hugs him and he feels her soft skin with his face. They go back into the restaurant and he tells her that his mother would adore her as much as he does. The disagreement that they had the night before was just a tiff and not a big deal.


Bridget wants Amber to tell her that she is not interested in being with Deacon. Bridget thinks that Amber has been teasing her husband. Bridget tells her that she is married to Deacon and she doesnít want Amber flirting with her husband anymore. She wants to hear Amber say that it is ended forever. Amber complies. Brooke doesnít believe that, but Bridget tells her that she is going to have to believe this. Bridget wants to be taken home by her husband, but Eric insists on doing it. Deacon tells her to go ahead and Bridget leaves with her father. On the way out, Amber turns to look at Deacon, knowing that she can never be with him, ever.


Amber arrives home and Rick is there. He comes to her outside and greets her. She tells him that Bridget was released from the hospital. She asks about the baby and he is asleep. She is tired herself. Rick wants to talk for a while before they go to bed. He just wants to connect with her again. He holds her. She feels like the bad guy. If she left him, then Bridget would be safe and sound. She canít do that. She tells him that she will never leave him. He knows that she loves him. There has always been sparks between Amber and Deacon, but he just wants her to be happy and he believes that she will be happy with him. However, if she thinks that she could be happy with someone else, he wants her to tell him. She tells him that she will never need anyone more than him. He wants her to promise him that nothing is going to change. She makes the promise and seals it with a kiss. In her mind she says, "Goodbye Deacon."


Bridget enters the apartment and Deacon is already there. He made some coffee for them. The family comes in after her and Deacon is sure that he is not going to get on his hands and knees and beg the Foresters to forgive him for anything. They are not going to believe that he is going to be a great husband, but he is going to promise that they are going to see how good he is going to be for Bridget. She is going to be the center of his universe. He is telling the truth and he is going to be the husband that she needs. Eric leaves and Bridget goes out with him. Brooke follows and Ridge is alone with Deacon. He tells Deacon that if he hurts Bridget, he will be dealing with Ridge. Deacon understands that. Brooke is in the doorway and Ridge goes to her and holds her. Deacon finds that interesting. Later Bridget remembers that Deacon said things that she will never forget. Nothing is going to take that away from her. She stayed because she loves him and she believes in the power of the vows that they took. She is going to take him at his word, but she needs him to understand that her heart is in his hands. He strokes her hair and tells her that he will never betray her. They hold each other. He goes outside to be alone and he takes out a picture of him and Amber and rips it up. "Goodbye Amber."