The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 7/12/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 7/12/01

By Glynis 

Sophia is trying to convince Antonio that they should still be together. She tries to remind him of the times that they spent in bed together. He hasn’t forgotten that at all. She wants him to remember the love that they shared. He hasn’t forgotten the love that they shared. Sophia missed the way that he loved her, touched her and kissed her. Antonio can only remember Taylor telling him over and over that he has to get tested.


Brooke is telling Eric that Amber and Deacon may get together. They have to want that to happen to get their daughter back. Eric agrees with her thinking. Eric doesn’t know what is up with Deacon. Brooke thinks that in some way he does care for Bridget. He doesn’t want to hurt her and that is why her plan is going to work. Amber is going to go along with the plan because she loves him. She acknowledged her feeling for Deacon and she left them alone in a room to talk. She is sure that Amber doesn’t have the same passionate feeling for Rick that she has for Deacon. She is sure that Amber is not going back to Rick.


Amber is telling Deacon that she is not going to have anything to do with him personally. They are putting their cards on the table and she admits that she is attracted to Deacon. He wants to know what she finds so attractive about him. She likes the way that he is with Little D. He is a good dad and he seems to know what he is doing. He is also very confident. Amber pretends to hit Deacon and he pretends to be hurt so that she will come over to him and he can hold her close to him. She moves away from him and Deacon asks her what is going to happen if they have an affair in 6 months or so. They are going to have all this pent up desire. She is sure that they can handle things. Deacon has this recurring memory of her feeding Little D at the table. There are all these moments in his mind and people take that for granted. He wishes that he had more of those to hang on to. He remember each and everyone of the memories that they had together… He tells her that it feels good talking about the feelings that they share together. Amber admits that it is true that she has had the same feelings that he has had. She has thought of him days and nights. It feels so real. Deacon tells her that he wants things to be real. He is not asking her to leave Rick but they owe it to themselves to check out this unquenching desire that they have for each other. He knows that her body is aching for her and he is aching for her. They need this. He moves to her and she lets him. He pushes her onto the bed and he gets on top of her and starts kissing her neck. She doesn’t feel right at all but she lets it happen.


Taylor is showing Kristen some of her dresses that she wants her to have. Taylor doesn’t wear these dresses anymore. Taylor wants to know where Kristen is going that night. Kristen tells her that they are just going somewhere special, but she is sure that it would be all right for Taylor and Ridge to tag along. Kristen decides on a dress and calls Antonio. She tells him of the dress that she is going to wear that night. The dress is very revealing and she wants to know if that is okay with him. Antonio is very uncomfortable with this conversation.