The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 7/11/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 7/11/01

By Glynis


Antonio meets with the staff at Spectra and he tells them that he had an appointment earlier and that was why he wasnít there. Sophia thinks that he was with Kristen, but he corrects that by saying that he wasnít. Clarke goes to Antonio and tells him that he is being a jerk. Antonio knows that Clarke was married to Kristen once and feels that is why he is being spoken to on this matter, but Clarke tells him that he is not there because of Kristen, he is talking to Antonio because of Sophia. She has been hurting because of Antonio for a long time.


Brittany plays with her gift from Deacon and talks to her father as she does so. She knows that Eric hates Deacon and she thinks that she understands why. Eric doesnít feel that she fully understands what is going on with her. He canít understand her letting him back into her life after all the trouble that he has caused. She believes that he is sorry for what has gone on. She knows that he is scared and she is scared. She should go with that instinct and stay away from Deacon. She knows that whatever happens with Deacon, she will have her parents. She is so sorry for the trouble. She promises him that she will be aware of manipulators next time. Deacon told her that the accident has changed things for him and that he is starting to feel things for her. He told Amber that it is over for him and her. It could be an act, but what if he really means it. Eric tells her that it doesnít matter that he means it or not because he is not good enough for her. She is smart and she could be with anyone that she wants. She shouldnít be bending over backwards to be with this guy. She could do so much better than Deacon. He doesn't get it. Bridget tells Eric that there is more to Deacon than he thinks. She is so young and there is so much that she doesn't understand. The feelings that Deacon has for Amber donít just go away because you want them to. That is exactly how she feels for Deacon.


Brooke talks with Amber and Deacon and Brooke tells her that she knows that Amber didnít know her father and that has been painful for her. Brookeís father left her many years ago. Her mother never dated, she just stayed home. She understands why Amber is drawn to Rick because he is a good man and a good man to Little Eric. Brooke hears a lot of appreciation in Deaconís voice when he talks about Bridget. Amber never thought that she would ever hear Brooke talk the way that she does. Brooke doesnít support Amberís marriage. She knows that they appreciate her children, but they donít have love and that is what is missing. It will never be enough for her children to be married to these two people before her. Brooke wants them to see things from her perspective. Deacon and Amber have a son and they have dreams for that boy, this is the same thing. Deacon is committed to making his marriage work. Brooke knows that Deaconís heart is with Amber. It was wrong but it was passion. She knows that he doesnít have that with Bridget. She begs Deacon to let Bridget go and set her free. Let her find someone that can love her the same way that he loves Amber. Brooke knows what will happen if they to force something that isnít there. Brooke thinks that she should leave Rick now instead of years for now. What if they have children? Brooke has made that mistake and knows how it tears family apart. It is obvious to Brooke that Amber feels more for Deacon than just friendliness. She tells them that happiness is staring them in the face. She tells Amber that Deacon loves her more than she will ever know. People are looking for this and they canít find it. Brooke knows what she is talking about. She puts Deacon and Amberís hands together and leaves them staring at each other. Once outside the room she looks at them for a moment then she turns away hoping that they will see that they belong together. This is her last hope for her daughter.


Sophia comes out dressed in a gown made by Antonio and he looks it over and she tells him that she misses him. He tells her that things have been happening lately. What he is talking about has nothing to do with Kristen Forester. She wants an explanation about what has happened to him. He hears in his mind Taylor telling him that he has been exposed to the HIV virus and he has to be tested.