The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 7/9/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 7/9/01

By Glynis

Amber is looking for Deacon and she canít find him anywhere. She hasnít checked the hospital, but she finds it hard to think that Bridget would let him anywhere near her. She knows that he still has feelings for her and she is sure of that. She knows that he feels guilty. He will come to his senses.

Eric comes down for breakfast and tells Rick and Stephanie that they have upgraded Bridgetís condition. Eric can finally breathe again. His daughter finally knows what Deacon is all about. Amber shows up for breakfast with Little Eric. She goes to the table and greets the family. She isnít doing so well. She spoke to Deacon the night before and he said that he has given up on Amber. He is going to stay with Bridget. Eric is sure that Bridget is not going to take him back. Amber is worried that Bridget may take Deacon back. Amber feels that maybe Deacon will change his mind now and give up on the idea of getting Bridget back. Eric doesnít want to risk it. He and Rick get up from the table and leave the house.

Bridget gets up and finds that Deacon is sleeping in a cot beside her bed. The nurse enters and greets her. Bridget is feeling a little sore and she gets some pain killers for the aches. Deacon has been with her all night. He wanted to be with her. He hasnít even got a blanket. The nurse covers him with a blanket as he sleeps. He looks so innocent sleeping like that. The nurse heard that they are newlyweds and she guesses that they have had their first fight. She tells Bridget not to be too hard on Deacon because he was scared to death for her. Deacon wakes and offers to get her something to eat She asks him what he is doing there. What does he want from her? He reminds her that he promised her for better for worse. The blinders are finally off. When he was a kid, being an ass used to save his ass a lot. He had a beautiful woman and he didnít even know it. He thinks that he could be the guy that she wants. He doesnít want to be a bad guy anymore. What does he have to lose? She lost her pride and he self-respect and even her virginity. He needs her to give him another chance. She is not sure that she wants to have a husband anymore. She was making excuses for Deacon thinking that things will get better. The next marriage that she has will be a lot better. Her husband is going to be honest with her and he is going to get along with her family. Sometimes Deacon can get along with Stephanie, but not Eric. Anything that brings her back to him will make him happy and he will do it. He tells her that she shouldnít walk away because if she does leave nothing changes. They are both pathetic and they can do better than splitting up. They can turn their marriage into something great. If it doesnít work, what have they lost? It is worth taking a chance. He wants her to consider them getting back together. He is going to leave, but he will see her real soon. He kisses her hand and picks up a bag that he has with him. She asks him what he has with him. He tells her that he picked up something from the gift shop. She takes it out and finds that it is a crystal ball. The kind that you shake and snow falls from the top and swirls around. It reminds him of her. Until you hold it in your hands, you donít know that something like that exists. She wants to keep the gift because it will remind her to be on her guard when she is around him. He likes thinking that he is still going to be around. Eric and Rick and Stephanie enter the room and tell Deacon to get out. Bridget tells her father to stop and wait. Deacon turns to Bridget and asks her if he should leave. She canít answer. Eric asks her to look at herself and look at what he did to her family. She has turned against her family and they almost lost her. He was very scared. She tells him that she is sorry. He begs her to send him away. Amber is in the room too and she stands by and watches the whole thing go down.

Antonio goes to see Dr. Nuniez. Dr. Nuniez canít see him because he is finished with his career. He suggests that Antonio see Dr. Hayes instead because he is retired. Taylor enters the office and Dr. Nuniez introduces them. She sits alone with him and notices that he hasnít given his last name. He wants to remain anonymous. She doesnít mind that. She wants to know how she can help him. He tells her that he doesnít want to think of himself as sick. He is under a lot of pressure at work. He made all these deadlines and he canít meet them. He wakes up with his heart pounding and he canít sleep. She can give him something for getting sleep, but she would like to know more about his problems. He thinks that he would like to do some relaxation techniques. He lost a few days the week before. He had to get out of town. He had to go out of town for a funeral. A friend of his died he tells her. He was close to the girl that died. Taylor feels that maybe the death has a lot to do with his stress level. The girl died by taking her own life he says.