The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 7/6/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 7/6/01

By Glynis

Antonio and Kristen are together enjoying each other’s company. Kristen wants to make love with him, but he tells her that they have to wait. He has to tell her something. He tries to tell her about Miami, but she doesn’t want to hear it. The voices are still ringing in his head that he should be tested for AIDS. Tony is having a hard time keeping away from Kristen. She is so beautiful and there is nothing more that he would like than to sleep with her. Kristen is sure that she is safe with him and he tells her that he is safe. She wants him to tell her what is going on with him. Something is bothering him and she wants to know what it is. He tells her that he is tired and she gets angry. She tells him that she is going home and she leaves. He lets her go and turns to his glass of wine, only he isn’t thirsty for it anymore and he throws it, smashing the glass. He goes to his phone to call Chad. Chad wants to know what is going on. He admits that he didn’t sleep with Kristen. He is sure that he isn’t HIV positive. Chad tells him to get himself tested. He is so paranoid that he couldn’t kiss his girlfriend. Chad thinks that there is only one way that he can clear all this up. He is going to end up losing Kristen over this. He has got to hold this together. He needs help and he needs someone to talk to. Chad suggests a psychiatrist. Tony says again that he doesn’t need any help. Chad gives him the name of someone to speak to and they hang up. Antonio takes his phone and dials LA to talk to a doctor Carlos Nuñez.

Taylor is talking to the doctor that is leaving, about where she is going to work. She likes the idea. Another doctor will be seeing his patients. Ridge thinks that his family will be first in line for help from her. Ridge is thankful that they have a psychiatrist in the family.

Stephanie thinks that Bridget is going to need a lot of attention. Brooke is going to take time off from work to look after her daughter. Stephanie doesn’t think that Brooke will be able to handle work and take care of her daughter. She thinks that Bridget should come and live with them. Everyone is around for her and Kristen will be there for her. Kristen walks in and tells them that she will be able to help Bridget with men. She thinks that men should be left alone, every single one of them. She doesn’t want to talk about her problem. Stephanie thinks that she should discuss her problem. Kristen doesn’t know what happened. Everything was going so well and then Tony rejected her. She doesn’t know why he did that. She didn’t even have an argument with him. She is not sure what it could be. He seemed glad to see her, but he wouldn’t kiss her and he turned his head away. He told her that he loved her. He got really distant and everything was going so well. He wouldn’t tell her what was wrong. He said that he was tired. Eric thinks that he just had a lot on his mind and was tired from his trip. She can always talk to Antonio the following day. Everyone really just needs a good night’s sleep. She shouldn’t stress out on what is happening.

Ridge is helping his wife get set up in her office. She is one of the most respected psychiatrists in LA. Ridge has something to take the edge off her nervousness. He presents her with a gift. She opens it and finds inside a picture frame of her family. She loves that and kisses him for being so sweet. The doctor that is moving out gives Taylor some tips on being in the office and he leaves. He is Doctor Nuñez. Ridge and Taylor are kissing in her new office and she suddenly leaves with him. The office is closed and the phone starts ringing. The answering machine picks up and the call is from Antonio. He says that he got some news and his life has been spinning out of control. He will call back in the morning and they will discuss the problem some more. Antonio hangs up and starts freaking out at the idea that he may have the AIDS virus. He walks to his back yard and falls to his knees, crying and panicking that he may be infected.

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