The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 7/5/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 7/5/01

By Glynis

Kristen and Antonio sit together outside his house, looking at the fireworks. He remembers that he spoke to the doctor, and they told him that he has to get a blood test. Kristen only wants to be with him, and she doesnít have a care in the world.

Amber is sitting in the Insomnia,  talking with her friend. She wishes that she had been more careful talking to Deacon when she knew that Bridget was going to come back into the house. She is going to be fine physically, but not emotionally. She really believed that Deacon loved her. That is not Amberís fault. Bridget knows the truth and now it should be over, but Deacon is still in love with Bridget. He showed up at the hospital saying that he is in love with Bridget. Amber hopes that she can stand what Deacon has in store. Amberís friend tells her that she is going to miss Deacon chasing after her, if he is indeed in love with Bridget.

Deacon is trying to talk to Bridget and she tells him that she is tired and wants him to leave her alone. He is trying to explain to her that there are things that need to be said. She doesn't want to hear anything from him, but he doesnít care. He thinks that she is an incredible woman and he has just come to realize that. She stares up at him, dumbfounded. She doesnít believe that, after all that has happen; Deacon is trying to make her think that he cares for her. She feels like a fool for falling for him. He hates himself for what he has done to her. She deserves more. She deserves someone that she can trust, and that is the kind of man that he wants to be. He feels that he is starting, finally, to get to know her. He didnít see what he had in front of him. She is everything that a man could want. She isnít a little girl and he canít stop thinking about it. The dinner that she made was pretty incredible. He loved it, and she thought that all along he hated it. She paid attention to every detail. No one has ever wanted to make anything perfect for him before. He couldnít acknowledge that she did something great for him. His feelings for Amber are different than the feelings that he has for her. He is admitting that he was wrong, and he wants the chance to correct his mistake. Why should she believe him? she wonders.  He wants to prove it to her. He will tell the Foresters everything that he has just told her. He will spend the rest of his life trying to make this up to her. 

Amber walks into the room and hears what Deacon is saying to Bridget. She shouts at him to stop this. She is sure that he is making another con on Bridget. Deacon says that his feelings for Bridget are real. He has been a lousy husband, and Amber thinks that he canít change. He canít make the old lies true. Deacon quits. He is done. She has been telling him that he is finished with him and that she is going to stay with Rick, and now he is going to accept that. Amber turns to Bridget and asks her if she is going to believe this. This is hard for Amber, but the feelings that Deacon has for Bridget are real. He is moving on with his wife. She never questioned her feelings for him, and he now knows what the right thing to do is.

Antonio makes a call to LA, to talk with Ellenís brother. He refuses to believe that he may be infected with AIDS. He gets off the phone, and Kristen returns and sees that his hands are shaking. She hugs him while he tells her that he is fine. He wants to drink to something now. They have to make a toast because they just opened a bottle. She doesnít want any more wine. She starts undoing his shirt and kissing him. He tries, softly, to stop her. He wants to talk about this. She thinks that everything feels right. He thinks that she is not ready. She is, because she knows that he loves her. He wants her so badly. She is kissing his chest and getting closer to her. She begs him to make love to her now. He hugs her, quietly, thinking to himself.