The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 7/4/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 7/4/01

By Glynis

Everybody comes into Bridgetís room and apologizes for letting Deacon treat her the way that he has. They promise her that Deacon is gone and he is not coming back.

Amber is outside the hospital room talking with Deacon. He is feeling guilty. Deacon tells her that he has been more focused on Amber and he didnít see that Bridget is more than a means to an end. He has been having feelings for Bridget. Amber doesn't believe that. Deacon tries to make her see that this is for real. She thinks that he is trying to pull one over her eyes. She thinks that he is talking garbage. Deacon knows that he was rotten to Bridget, but now it has changed.

Antonio is on the plane going home and he is thinking to himself. Ellen had been dating a man before him and the whole time that he was with Ellen, she was HIV positive. He canít bring himself to believe this news.

Taylor is with Kristen looking over dresses. Kristen canít wait for Taylor to meet Antonio. She thinks that he is the greatest man on earth. He is coming home and that is why Kristen needs one of Taylorís more alluring dresses. Taylor goes to get a dress that she thinks will be perfect for the occasion. Once Kristen is alone she gets a call from Antonio and asks him what he would think about them not going out that night. She wants to go over to his house and open a bottle of wine. He loves the idea. She thinks that he sounds a little tired, and she promises to get him into bed early. She wants to make some fireworks with him. He tells her to hold that thought. It is all set and they are going to meet later that night. Taylor returns with her famous dress that she thinks is perfect for her the date, but Kristen likes another of her dresses and thinks that it is perfect. Kristen tries on the dress and she looks fabulous in it. Taylor guesses that Kristen is up for more than just a date with Tony. She feels like she has been waiting for Antonio her whole life. Taylor warns her that the way she feels could have serious consequences.

Amber and Deacon are still talking when they hear the Foresters come out of Bridgetís room, they hide behind a plant and hear Rick saying that he will stay behind and find

Amber. Amber tells Deacon that she has to go now, but she wants him to leave Bridget alone. She walks off.

Antonio goes back to his thoughts while waiting to land. The doctor was telling him that he had to do the responsible thing and get himself tested.

Deacon walks into the hospital room where his wife is sleeping. A nurse tells him that he should go home and leave Bridget for a while, but he refuses to go. He sits beside Bridgetís bed and watches her face. Bridget wakes and finds Deacon there. She tells him to get out. She doesnít want to see him and he makes her sick. He tells her that he was out of his head. He couldnít let his son be taken away from him. She wants him to leave. He wants her to hear what he has to say first. He touches her hand and begs her to listen. She pulls her hand from him and orders him to leave her roomÖnow!

Brooke decides that she wants to check up on Bridget one more time before she leaves, but Eric convinces her that Bridget is just fine. Brooke canít believe that she almost lost her baby. Eric is sure that Deacon is gone out of her life for good. He thinks that Bridget just wants to forget about Deacon. He is despicable and Brooke is sure that he will not pursue this any further. He will have to let this go. Brooke and Eric are pleased with the way that this has turned out.

Kristen arrives at Antonioís home and she is pleased as can be. She is wearing the famous red dress and she tells herself that this is it. This is going to be the most romantic night of her life. She is ready to be with Antonio completely forever. Antonio finally arrives. She is happy to see him. It is ridiculous, but that is the way that she feels. He misses her when she is away. She touches his face and looks into his eyes. She tells him again that she loves him and he tells her that he loves her too. They hug and then they hear the fireworks starting. They run outside and look to the sky. The fireworks are beautiful. Antonio canít help but remember that he was told that he slept with a woman that had AIDS and that he has to get tested as soon as possible.

Rick is waiting for Amber and she soon returns to find out that Bridget is going to be fine. She learns that Bridgetís parents have left, but Rick wants to stay to make sure that everything is going to be all right. He goes to talk to Bridget and leaves Amber in the waiting area. She hopes that Deacon is not in there for his sake.

Deacon is still talking to Bridget and telling her that he really is sorry. He never meant to hurt her and he didnít think that he was going to marry. He wanted to be near his son. She finds him to be a liar. He knew that he was hurting her and he knew that she cared for him. He tells her that since the accident, he has discovered that he really does love her. He doesnít know how he is going to prove it, but he will not lose her.