The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 6/29/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 6/29/01

By Glynis

Deacon has taken Bridget to the hospital. She found out that Deacon was only using her and she got hysterical. She told him that she knew that he only thought of her as a kid and that he only wanted to be with Amber. She was in a car accident and is unconscious. The staff at the hospital start to work on Bridget. They will not let Deacon come anywhere near her so that they can work on her. He has not phoned those Foresters yet to tell them that their darling daughter has been hurt or that she knows the truth about Deaconís feelings for her. Soon, Deacon gets word that they have to operate on Bridget. He canít see her now because she is unconscious. They wheel Bridget out and past Deacon and he just watches her go by. He wonders what the hell he has done to her. She is nothing but an innocent kid. She was a sweet girl and he just used her and he is sure that she is not going to die. He looks to the heavens and begs that she not die. He remembers his times with her when things were good. When she trusted him and didnít know the truth about how he really felt and how he was really using her. They spent some times together, but maybe they meant more to him than he thought. He really doesnít want her to be hurt because of anything that he did. He realizes that no one knows that she has been in this terrible accident.

Antonio and Kristen are together in the faraway country trying to find clue to Ellenís death and her overdose. She never showed Antonio once that she wasnít a winner. He doesnít believe that she took her own life, but it seems that she did. They are getting ready to go to the Memorial service. He thought that he would marry Ellen once, but things fell apart. Kristen is sure that will never happen in their relationship because they communicate too much. She kisses him to reassure him that everything is going to be okay.

Brooke and the family are trying to find out what happened to Bridget. They are all together. Rick tries her cell phone. Amber thinks that Amber should have known that something was wrong with Bridget. Amber is sure that she is not the reason that Bridget is sick. At least it is clear that Deacon is with Bridget. Amber tells them that earlier they were having dinner and Betsy was there as well for dinner. Brooke thinks that there is more that Amber can tell them and she wants to know everything. They make a call to Betsy and find out that Bridget was fine when she left after dinner. Once again, Brooke is sure that Amber is the answer to all this. Bridget must have found out that Deacon really loves Amber. They know that Bridget has been out all night and they want an answer.

At the Memorial, the family for Ellen is crying over her body and is very sad when they turn to find Antonio standing at the door of the room ready to enter. They are not as happy as one would like them to be. How could they be? Their darling girl has died and under terrible circumstances. No one thought that Ellen would have died from drugs, but that is what happened. Antonio cared for her once, but that was long ago. The mother of the girl turns and finds Antonio and Kristen standing at the doorway. She goes to him and hugs him. He tells them how sorry he is. They thank him for coming and he tells them how sorry he is. It is clear that he had a very good relationship with these people. They seem to care about him and have a type of respect for him. He must have been good for Ellen. He introduces Kristen to the family and she tells them that she is sorry for the loss. They are all sorry for the loss. He wants to know about Ellenís problems. Apparently, she wasnít happy all those months. Antonio finds that hard to believe. Ellen was always so very happy when he was closer to her. How could she have turned around so quickly and ruined her life? She never seemed unhappy before when Antonio knew her better. Kristen tells the family that she met Antonio in LA. The family guesses that Kristen is more than a friend and Antonio confirms that. They seem to want to know more about Kristen, but Antonio stops the conversation. Antonio takes Kristen over to Ellenís body so that he can pay his respects. They look at her lying peacefully. She is really very beautiful. She is blonde and put together beautifully in the coffin. The family comes up behind them and the mother is crying terribly at the sight of her girl in the coffin. Kristen and Antonio sense that there is something going on. Antonio thinks that there is more to find out. Kristen thinks that maybe there was something more going on with Antonio and Ellen, but he denies it. Ellenís brother comes over to them to tell them that his parents are taking this especially hard. He feels that he was more prepared for this than anyone. Ellen was very depressed and he doesnít want to go into this right now. Antonio demands to know why this happened if he can answer. It has something to do with Antonio. He is sure that it had nothing to do with him. The brother feels that Antonio should talk to someone else. The brother turns to the Dr. to have Antonio go and speak with him. He knows why Ellen did this. The brother has to go and be with his family and will not speak anymore. Antonio asks Kristen to wait outside for him. She leaves obediently and Antonio goes over to the good Dr.. Antonio remarks that this is a great tragedy and that he hasnít found a doctor as good as him. He starts asking about the trouble with Ellenís death. The doctor asks Antonio to stop by his office later. This just isnít the right place to talk about such terrible things. The doctor gets up and leaves Antonio sitting in front of the body.

Deacon calls the Foresters and talks with Brooke. He tells them that Bridget has been in an accident. Eric takes the phone from Brooke demanding to know what is going on. Deacon tells him to get in the car and get down there right away. Eric demands an answer, but Deacon only once again tells him to get in the car and to get over there right away. Eric slams down the phone and gets ready to leave right away. Brooke is beside herself.

Deacon gets no further information on his wifeís condition. He is standing over her and he feels that he has been so blind. He didnít realize what a treasure she was and that he was just using her. He talks to her. "You are like this beautiful angel that came into my life and I didnít see it. You pull through this and I will spend the rest of my life making this up to you" He tells her that he will stay with her. She is listening to him and she slowly turns her head to him. He sees her move. He tells her that she can count on him. Her heart monitor flatlines and Deacon calls for the staff. It is a code blue! The staff rushes in and gets to work and Deacon begs them to save her. Please donít let her die. He is beside himself and he starts to cry and run his fingers through his hair hysterically. He finally has figured out what it is that he wants and now he is going to lose that. He canít let that happen. He just canít let that happen. The Foresters wonít believe him, but he is going to have to convince them that this is the way that things should be. He must give Bridget the life that she truly deserves.

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