The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 6/27/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 6/27/01

By Suzanne Lanoue

Stephanie and Kristen bond in a mother-daughter moment. They make guacamole and other food, along with the rest of the family. Tony watches them hug and smiles. They all enjoy a good meal. Tony says he has to take a plane the next day to Miami to go to a friend's funeral. He is suspicious of her death so he plans to make inquiries. They say she died of a drug overdose but he doesn't believe it. His friend, Ellen, was not the type of person who would do that. Tony goes to clear his plate but Stephanie stops him. They all say warm goodbyes so that Kristen can take him to the airport. Stephanie even gives him a friendly hug. They all liked him a lot. Eric and Stephanie hug, glad to have Kristen home again. They all chat about how much more relaxed Kristen is. Brooke thinks she's in love. Everyone leaves, so Eric and Stephanie are left alone. Eric frets about Bridget, wishing she had been there. Stephanie says she'll be home soon because Deacon can't keep up the lie very long. Eric is worried how that will affect her.

Kristen tells Tony how thrilled she is that her family likes him. He suggests that she come with him to Miami. She doesn't think she can, but she says she'll miss him. They flirt and kiss.

Deacon raves about Bridget's food, trying to make them look like a happy couple so she won't be suspicious of him and Amber. Things are awkward anyway. Bridget comments on how much Deacon and Amber have in common. He talks about how Bridget will turn him around and straighten out his rough edges; Bridget and her friend seem to fall for it. Betsy asks Deacon how he likes being married. He says it's great. Bridget looks forward to the day when her parents can see what a great guy he really is. She hates hurting her parents like this but she says he's worth it. Amber looks worried. Bridget walks Betsy out. Bridget and Betsy agree that Deacon is totally in love with her. Inside, Deacon tells Amber that he can't take any more, she has to "end this now". Amber says he's made his own bed and he shouldn't have used Bridget. Bridget returns and hears Deacon say nice things about her. She smiles and walks toward the door but then she hears Deacon talk about how he's been using her. She starts to cry and looks horrified as he pours his heart out to Amber about how bad he feels. Amber tells him that he should just let Bridget go. Deacon doesn't know how he's going to tell her.