The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 6/26/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 6/26/01

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By Suzanne

Deacon and Amber kiss passionately on the beach. She stops him. He smiles in a sneering way and starts again. She kisses him back and then says "don't stop!" repeatedly. She is in bliss. But it is all a daydream. Deacon stands there with lemonade in his hands, looking at her quizzically. He asks her about the dream she was having. She is happy to get the cold lemonade but he knows she's all hot and bothered. He offers to make her dream come true. She pushes him away and says this won't work. Deacon says Bridget is starting to get suspicious. She says he should divorce Bridget, but he doesn't want to lose his "leverage". He says it's only a matter of time before she figures it out, though.

Ridge visits Stephanie and tells her that Taylor couldn't make it because she's setting up her office. She's going back to work part-time. Eric and Brooke are there. They are all there to meet Kristen's "new man". Stephanie is just happy to have her back and wants to see her happy. Brooke thinks Kristen's moving too fast. Eric reminds them that Kristen has made it clear that she's just there for a visit. Stephanie admonishes Ridge (and Thorne) not to tease her.

Kristen and her boyfriend linger outside the house. She is nervous, saying she doesn't get along that great with her family sometimes. He tells her that family is "everything". They joke around and kiss.

Thorne finishes up work at a cafe just as Bridget comes in. He asks her how she's doing. She's meeting some friends but he notices she looks depressed. He says she can always confide in him. She appreciates that and they hug. He has to go to dinner at Stephanie's. Bridget's friend Betsy meets her. She shares her suspicions about Deacon and Amber. She says Stephanie says Deacon is using her. Bridget doesn't want to believe it. Betsy suggests she forget about it and set up a dinner with her and Amber and Deacon. She phones Amber and invites her to dinner. Amber tries to decline but Bridget insists. 

Amber tells Deacon what happened and says Bridget does suspect something. They argue about it. Amber doesn't want to stay but he asks her to stay to allay Bridget's suspicions. Just then, Bridget returns, with Betsy, so Amber is forced to stay. Deacon keeps pleading anyway and Amber agrees to stay as long as he keeps his eyes and hands off her. Betsy tells Bridget that she thinks she's wrong about Deacon being hot for Amber. Bridget is still unsure and she plans to watch Deacon and Amber closely tonight. She doesn't know how she could handle it if her family were right about Deacon.

Kristen introduces Tony Dominguez to her family and they greet him politely. Ridge introduces himself jokingly as "her overly-protective brother". Kristen sighs, relieved. Thorne arrives and they all sit around chatting. Tony jokes about his humble background and they laugh. He talks about how his family grew up in a small town in Columbia and then moved to Miami, one big happy family. They are all appreciative. He asks them about whether they were close to their cousins but Kristen says no. Eric explains that Forrester was kind of like an extended family for them. Later Eric, Stephanie, and Ridge say that Kristen looks very happy. Stephanie hopes that Kristen might want to stay here in L.A. Ridge jokes with Kristen about what happened to his little sister. Kristen tells them that she hopes to stay "for a while". THey hug and look very happy.