The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 6/19/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 6/19/01

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By Glynis

Bridget has prepared a beautiful dinner for her husband, but he comes out and starts watching the game. He ignores her and sits on the couch. She went to a lot of trouble for the dinner, but he is clearly not interested. He already ate, but they can eat a pizza later. Bridget I clearly disappointed. He agrees to sit at the table and eat her dinner, but only if she leaves the game on. He doesn’t even seat her. She went to a lot of trouble and she even got a bottle of champagne. He only wants beer. He is ignoring her. She made Chocolate Crème de Lait. He complains about the nuts in the dinner. His team scores and he is very happy and shouts at the table while Bridget watches stunned at how different her true love seems.

Ridge arrives home and finds out from the sitter that Taylor has gone to the doctor. She was being mysterious. She didn’t go to her regular doctor. Ridge feels that he knows what is going on. He thinks that Taylor is pregnant. Both smile at the thought. She has been hungry a lot and she was excited when she left that day. Still, she could have been having a regular checkup. The kids are older now and life is back to normal. Ridge thinks that it would be great to have another son. Taylor arrives home and has something to talk to Ridge about. Ridge is sure that he knows that his wife is pregnant. She is stunned that he knows what is happening. He says that he thinks that she is pregnant and that they are going to have another baby. Taylor looks stunned by the idea; but Ridge doesn’t see her face as he is hugging her when he says that.

Brooke is talking with Stephanie and she wants Stephanie to talk with Deacon and get him to give up Bridget. She picks up the phone to call Deacon. Deacon is watching the game when Stephanie calls. Stephanie tells him that she wants to talk with him over coffee. He refuses because he is watching the game. She tells him that the game must be more important to him than Amber and the baby. She tells him that she will be at the Insomnia if he cares to drop by. Brooke thanks Stephanie for trying to help. Brooke is sure that if Stephanie can get him to say that he doesn’t really care for Bridget and really loves Amber, then the marriage can be ended that night.