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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 6/18/01

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By Glynis

Sophia is with Sally, Clarke and Darla and they are trying to make her see that they are not going to let Tony get away from them. They need him to get back in the black. They are discussing the flack that has been caused by Kristen showing up for Tonyís fashion show. The Foresters are definitely going to be a force to be reckoned with again. Sally feels that she is up to the challenge and is ready to fight with everything that she has got. Sophia is willing to fight too, but for different reasons. She is in love with Tony and doesnít feel that she is ready to be tossed aside that easily over Kristen Forester. They announce Antonio as their new designer to help Spectra get in properly with the fashion world again. He appears and the crowd claps for him, but Antonio doesnít seem that thrilled. He is torn with the fact that he loves Kristen and that is going to cause problems for him both in his personal and career life. The crowd throws questions to him about his fashion career. They want to know if the Foresters are after him. He admits that they are but he has his career pinned on Spectra. He could have picked any design house in America, but he chose Spectra because they are interested in dressing the average woman. This is a dream that he shares with Spectra and they are going to make this dream a reality. Tony wants to leave, but Clarke tries to stop him. He tells the crowd that he has found out that a friend of his has just passed away. It is a very vibrant woman and he canít believe that she is gone. He walks away and Sally takes the mike to thank everyone for coming. After everyone has left, Sally and the others worry about Antonio and the fact that someone close to him has died. Sophia thinks that the death is very strange.

Bridget is planning dinner for her husband and Brooke is there not very excited at her waiting on him hand and foot. Bridget thinks that this is the most natural thing in the world to be supporting her husband and in time she feels that her family will stand behind her decision to be with him. She really believes that he loves her and she just needs her family to see that he can be trusted. Just then, Deacon calls to Bridget from an intercom so that she can bring him something to eat. Brooke is shocked at that, but Bridget points out that Deacon wouldnít need her to wait on him hand and foot if Eric hadnít attacked him. After bringing Deacon some food, Bridget has to go to the store. Brooke thinks that Deacon has been running Bridget ragged. Brooke is worried that Bridget hasnít been taking her birth control pills, but Bridget assures her that she has been. Deacon comes out and Brooke offers to stay and watch the dinner that she is preparing. Bridget leaves and Deacon immediately starts taunting her about her daughter. Brooke canít understand how Deacon could hurt Bridget the way that he has she is nothing but a sweet innocent girl. Deacon reminds her that Bridget isnít all that innocent anymore. She should know that because she heard them making love after their marriage not long ago. The thought terrifies Brooke, but she canít let that show. She hates Deacon for what he is doing to her daughter. As far as she is concerned, he forced her to lose her innocence.

He tells Brooke that if Amber will not come back to him, he will keep Bridget. He is going to make this work so that he can see his son anytime that he wants. This is about his son. Amber and his son are the only things that matter to him and he will stay close to them no matter what. He has told this story many times before and he will continue to say it. Brooke is wasting her time with him and she has to learn that things are going to go his way as long as he can make it so. He wants her to understand that this isnít entirely about Amber, but his son as well. He likes living at the house because now he gets everything. He gets to be close to Amber and his son and he also gets to stick it to the Foresters as an added bonus. He lights a cigarette. He is ignoring her and all that she is saying. Brooke doesnít believe anything that he is saying. He hasnít changed a bit. He didnítí want things to end up this way, he even tried to get her to help him get amber. He thinks that they really donít care about Bridget. Soon Bridget will find out that he doesnít really love her. Things are gong to come out and he will be with Amber. Brooke has the power to change things and she wonít. He has done everything that he can to get his son and they wonít let him have his son. She slaps his face. She tells him that she will do anything to get her daughter from him. This isnít a bargaining chip, this is her daughter. Brooke starts attacking Deacon. She gets him up against the wall and she tells him that she will end this marriage and he is going to feel a lot of pain while she is doing this. She promises him that.

Kristen comes to tell Thorne and Ridge that Tony is amazing and he is the most amazing man that she has ever met. His fashions are remarkable too. Ridge and Thorne are not that thrilled to here that kind of news coming from Kristen. They have been worried about their little sister and the danger that she might be in tangling with Sophia. This may have been a mistake asking Kristen to get Antonio to work for them. Thorne and Ridge look at each other with secret knowledge that this may have to be stopped for Kristenís safety. How can they tell her that? This could be it for her. This could be the real thing for her. Ridge and Thorne tell her that Sophia has a violent streak and she is not afraid of her. She feels that she has met Mr. Right. Ridge feels that she is moving too fast. He should have told her about Sophia and he didnít do that. What other secrets does he have from her? She should find out before she gets involved with him any deeper. She canít hear her brothers. She is in love and she is sure that nothing can get in the way of her happiness. Not even the feelings of her brothers. She may not be able to get Tony to work for the Foresters, but somehow that only adds to his charm. She feels like the luckiest girl in the world. The phone rings and Kristen answers to find that it is Tony on the phone. He is desperate to speak with her and she can feel hat in his voice. He would like to see her and meet her at his house. He is on his way there now. He is clearly unhappy but will not tell her why just then. He will tell her the news when he has her with him. He will explain everything to her when she arrives at his house. She agrees to meet with him.

Kristen arrives at his house and he tells her of a tragedy. There is a mystery that he has to uncover. She wants to help him with his problem. She holds him to her. He is so unhappy.