The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 6/15/01



The Bold and The Beautiful Update Friday 6/15/01

By Glynis

Tony is with Kristen at the new salsa club. Darla sees Kristen with Tony pushing him off to help start the fashion show for Spectra. Once he is gone, Darla tells Kristen that she shouldn’t really be there. Sally is the emcee for the night and she does the opening statements and then the fashion show begins. The models are gorgeous and they are modeling Tony’s fashions. Sally is delighted with the way that things are going. The hot Spanish music is playing and everyone is clapping. The woman that spied Tony the night before with Kristen is there. She is a model for the show and she sees that Kristen is there. She tells Tony that she is humiliated. He tells her that she was the one that said that nothing was going to change. He is trying to calm her down. Her name is Sophia and he is hurt that he doesn’t feel the same that she does. He wants her to get to work, but she doesn’t move. He tells her that she is making a big mistake. She thinks that the mistake is his.

Thorne and Ridge are talking about how Kristen is handling things. They send her out to get Tony to work for them and they think that she should see things through herself. Ridge thinks that they shouldn’t bail her out. Ridge thinks that Kristen will be fine if she stays away from Sophia Alonzo. She apparently pulled a knife on a model before and Kristen may be in danger.

The fashion show is continuing and Kristen is having a great time. The fashions are really exciting and she can tell why her family wants Tony as their designer. He has a funky talent that fits women that really exist and not the type of woman that would prefer to wear a gown costing thousands of dollars. The models are very exciting to watch and Kristen is enjoying herself immensely in spite of the fact that she has to watch the show all alone while Tony works. She understands. She is sure that he will be back to spend some time with her, and that is fine with her. She understands. Clarke walks in and sees her. He goes to her and tells her that she looks wonderful. He hasn’t’ seen her in a long time and something in him moves as he watches her. Sally sees them together and Sally goes over to her and asks her what she is doing there. Sally is almost freaking at the fact that she is there. Clarke thinks that Sally is overreacting. Kristen turns to leave but stops and looks at the fashion show some more. Tony really is talented and she is torn between staying there and leaving. Sophia comes up behind Kristen and taunts her for being there. Kristen thinks that Tony can decide whom he wants to date. Kristen walks away from her.

Sally is talking with Darla and thinking that Kristen has some nerve showing up there after trying to steal their designer from them. What is she doing there anyway at Spectra’s fashion show? She is going to ruin everything. That is just like those damn Foresters. Darla tries to calm her down, afterall; the show is a booming success. People can’t get enough of Tony’s fashions. They are going to be the hit of the season. They can’t lose. Sally calms down, but only for a minute. They are standing together when they see Tony walk over to Kristen and talk to her tenderly. Then he takes her in his arms and kisses her. Sally is beside herself and Darla can hardly believe what she is seeing. Can it be? Someone else has seen what Tony has done…. The mysterious and dangerous Sophia has gotten an eyeful too and she is not very happy at seeing the man that used to love her melt in someone else’s arms. That Kristen is going to pay for that. Tony and Kristen finish kissing and he has convinced her to stay. She isn’t’ very comfortable, but she will go through it for him. He makes her feel better, but he has to go for a while. Off in the wings, Sophia is watching and she falls apart. Clarke sees what is happening and goes to comfort Sophia. He knows how passionate she is and he tries to make her calm down. At this time, the entertainment continues with a singer of some fame filling a break in the showing of the fashion show. The crowd loves it and Tony goes to get Kristen and dance with her. Kristen is having the time of her life. He holds her close and they continue dancing as Sophia and Clarke watch from afar. Sophia walks coyly to the dance floor and as Clarke watches, she stands and makes a spectacle of herself in order to get Tony’s attention. She motions to Clarke to join her and he does. They dance until they are very close to Kristen and Tony. Sophia forces them to separate so that she can dance with Tony and Clarke can dance with Kristen, but that doesn’t work for long and Tony makes his way back to Kristen who is delighted to have him. That is too much for Sophia and she storms off.

Kristen is concerned about Sophia's abrupt exit, but Tony really doesn’t give a hoot. He continues to dance with Kristen and only has eyes for her. That is evident…. Next is a male vocalist who sings a slow ballad for the audience. Kristen is dancing closely with Tony now and all is right in the world. Tony can’t think of anything but her. She doesn’t know what the words to the song are, but she knows that they speak of the way that she feels that night…. Sophia and Clarke stand by and watch as Tony romances Kristen. Sophia has no intention of starting over. She feels that she has a choice in the matter of how things are going to go with her and Tony… Sally is with Darla and she isn’t happy at all. Darla thinks that it is time to go and she leaves to get the car to take the both of them home. Sally is not going to let this one lie. She is going to have her revenge on the Foresters…. Kristen thinks that she has overstayed her welcome and she wants to leave right away. She wants Tony to stay and enjoy his show. Tony gets someone to walk Kristen out and she leaves. They will speak later. Sophia sees Kristen leave the bar and she moves into action. She follows Kristen and her escort out. Sally sees Tony and slowly makes her way over to him.

Tony is in the back talking with the vocalist and it seems that he is in love. He smiles at the idea.

Kristen’s escort returns to the bar, alone. He has to talk to Tony. Something is terribly wrong. He tells Tony that there is something terrible that he has to say. He looks like he is about to break into tears.